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    Feb 2012
    Another vote for the so-rarely-heard Ilsa or Ilse

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    Mar 2012
    Our 1-year old is Elsa. Haven't met another Elsa but there are multiple Elsie's.

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    i love Elsa too. My second choice is Ailsa (ale-sa) Scottish i think. I love it.

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    Jul 2012
    If you're unsure about Elsa, what about Isla or Ailsa?
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    Love Elsa! Think it will be relatively uncommon and it's not the same as Ella or Ellie. My daughter is Ella (after much soul-searching given its popularity, but it's a triple-family name for us) and while I sometimes worry... or feel somewhat ashamed... so far we haven't met another Ella of the same age (touch wood).

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