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    I love your list! The only ones I actually dislike are Hector (sounds ugly), Herne (same), Idris (flimsy), Rufus (a dog name), Tiberius (over the top for today), and Weyland (boring).

    My faves:
    Aurelian - think I prefer Aurelius, though, it's more classic-sounding.
    Oliver - maybe too popular, though
    Remiel - haven't seen this around and it's beautiful

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    I finally have a top ten ^_^

    Emrys - love this for you!
    Remiel - I find myself preferring him to Gabriel
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    My favourites are Hadrian, Casimir, Rainier, Isidore, Altair, Lucius, Evander, Weyland and Theron. And Oliver and Robin and Hector too...
    Amongst your favorite I think you've got tons that would be excellent. My favorites among you favorites are (If Emrys was among your favorites, that'd definitely be on this list too, Lucius and Emrys would battle for my favorite overall names on your list. Emrys would probably win by the slightest of margins):

    1) Lucius (This is one of my favorite names ever. Great meaning. Ancient sounding but accessible. Sounds like the name of someone who is smart and adventurous. Just awesome)
    2) Altair (Great Arabic name. Solid meaning. Constellation. Feels lofty. Sounds like the name of someone who is smart and open-minded. Great name.)
    3) Evander (Also love this one. Great meaning. Great sound. Sounds strong. Sounds like the name of someone strong and independent. Great name.)

    I also like:
    Hadrian (but I wouldn't use it even, cuz though it's got tons of history on it's own, it sounds/looks too much just like Adrian with a stylized H thrown in front for my taste)
    Theron (just not as much of some of the others)
    Hector (also just not as much as the top 3 above)
    Casimir (though I go back and forth on whether I really like this name tons or just moderately. Sounds a bit too much like cashmere.)

    And just a note on Weyland, maybe in the UK you won't have this association as much, but the name Weyland always makes me chuckle because it immediately brings to mind Wayland Smithers from The Simpsons. It might be a pretty strong association for any Simpsons fans (and in the US it seems like most people I've known who are in there late teens, twenties and early thirties are big Simpsons fans)

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    raptreverie, danni, miraje: Thank you so much!

    Blade, thank you for going through it like that, I agree with you on Theron. I don't want people to think I named my son after Charlize... or Orlando! Watched Troy last night and he's annoying (Paris is an annoying character though.) All your comments make sense to me, and made it easier to narrow further down...

    Sesshie: Great top ten, thank you. I prefer Remiel to Gabriel also. Remiel is so cute and pretty, feels like something precious and fragile.

    Javad: Emrys is one of my boyfriend's absolute favourites, so it will most likely be a top five name. Love your top three foe me, Altair is amazing. I don't watch the simpsons but I'm sure plenty of people do. I'll have to think about it. Maybe a middle?

    I think I (we) have a top 11!

    Also, I can't quite let go of Oliver. I've loved that name since I was ten and read Lady Chatterley's Lover for the first time.

    My concern about Emrys: Is it weird to have a child with a welsh name when you're not connected to Wales at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    My concern about Emrys: Is it weird to have a child with a welsh name when you're not connected to Wales at all?
    At least you actually reside in Britain. I don't think it's odd at all. Names are open-source: come one, come all!
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