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Thread: Ralph

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    I love the British pronunciation but I know no one in my area would ever say it like that. I really want to be ready for Ralph (I loved Ralph Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life) --- but all I get is "you mean like Ralph Wiggum?" when I ask about it. Judging how long the Simpsons has been on the air, I don't think that association will go away soon (at least in my circle). Also, my friends commonly used the word, ralph, as a synonym for vomiting. Sigh.

    BUT -- if you don't have those associations, I would love to meet a little Ralph.
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    I like Ralph pronounced both ways (Rafe and Rowlf), but I do think it's a tough name in the US because of the vomit association (kind of like it's hard to use Jemima here too). If you wanted it to be pronounced Rafe, I would spell it like that. You could also use Randolph and make Rand or Ralph a nn.

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    The "rafe" pronunciation makes absolutely no sense to me. I don't care how "upper class British" it apparently is, why would anybody want to give their child a name that is one letter away from being one of the worst crimes imaginable? Yes, I"m aware it's still spelled as Ralph, but I can easily see it being misheard.

    That aside, the more basic pronunciation (as in Ralph Wiggum, the Honeymooners, etc.) is actually a more underrated name to me. It does sound kind of old-fashioned, but not in a bad way. It's a name I would like seeing on other people's children.

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