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    Wink Sibling for Norah Madeline

    So, I only have about 35 weeks to pick a name, haha, but dh is quite picky and i would like to get a bigger list going this time, hopefully With Norah, I mentioned her name 2 days before I had her and that was the first thumbs up on a name I got the entire pregnancy. It took me a little bit to get used to her name, i think as I was forgo-ing so many of my favorites, but it suites her perfectly and I've fallen in love with her name. ( Madeline is after my sister) I do secretly wish I would have used a fuller formal name like Eleanor, etc. But what can you do? Dh has already vetoed my 3 year long name addict list except he liked Ivy quite a bit and Maebh got an ok. For boys, he likes Ezra Gideon, a name combo he came up with on his own, which I like... and Silas. Im really tempted to pick an Irish name as we all 3 have Irish names, but Norah would match well with vintage names also, which is mostly my style... for boys, I am in love with a few bible names(Ezra, Silas, Abraham, Solomon) and then a few Irish (Seamus, Declan) and some old fashioned (Harry, Henry, Oliver, Edward, William, etc) Girls: Biblical (Tirzah, Ardith, Zipporah) Irish (Maebh, Fiona, Aoife) and a lot of the vintage... plus throw in some odd ones like Hermione (one of my favs dh despises) and made up elf names from Lord of the Rings, haha, which I won't use because they're made up, but love the sound of. Obviously, im all over the place and I feel like so much could flow stylistically with Norah that i don't know where to begin. What style do you think would be the best match? And what names do you think would go well? I'm hoping that something will come up that is unexpected, a name that I wouldnt think of... something that he loves and that it grows on me for that reason. See why I need all of 35 weeks? If anyone made it through my ADD post, please help me before I start losing sleep over this (kidding, I like my sleep, nothing keeps us apart (minus babies of course)

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    Lol. Norah and Aubree (Aubrey) for a girl. I'm not very good with boy names so I'll leave that up to the next poster. Let me know what you think. :-)

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    Norah Madeline is beautiful!
    Here are some girl's names I would sound good:

    Viola (pn vi-uh-la, instead of vee-ol-a)
    Violet (might be too popular)

    Boy's Names


    Hope this helps!
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    I am partial to Fiona because that is my daughter's name. I love Maeve also. How about Niambh, but you could spell it Neave? For boys, Callum, Declan, Lachlan, Curran.

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    If you go Irish, unless you live in Ireland, go for a phenetic spelling. For instance, I love Siobhan, but here in America, NO ONE can pronounce it, and when they do, it's literally "Sio-bon." So if you go with Maeve and don't live in Ireland, spell it as such or you will probably get "Mabe." That said, I love Maeve, and Norah and Maeve is a beautiful combo.

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