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    Yorkshire, UK

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    DW Nationality: Italian
    DH Nationality: Italian

    DW: Vittoria Amadea Zeni (nee Calligaris)
    DH: Taddeo Ugo Zeni

    DS: Claudio Matteo Zeni
    DD/DD: Maria Pamina, Sofia Elena Zeni
    DS/DS/DS: Elio Ambrose, Paolo Augustus, Luciano Artemus Zeni
    DS: Theo Quintus Zeni
    DD/DD/DD: Domenica Flora, Rafaella Acacia, Vita Calla Zeni

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    Mrs. Eilwyn Awena & Mr. Carl Gabriel Wolfgang have their first born daughter in August, they name her Ailsa Matilda. Within a little year Mrs. Wolgang become pregnant another little girl, and in May she gives birth to Leah Elsa. When their girls are 3 and 2, little Mr. Gwilym Bertram joins the family in October. When their first daughter starts in school (6 years old), two brothers comes in September with the names Magnus Cicero & Friedrich Nero. When the twins are 6, three little princesses comes unplanned. In January they welcome; Eleonora Orchid, Saskia Delphine & Sybil Gardenia.

    Ailsa Matilda Aila - 12
    Leah Elsa Lee - 11
    Gwilym Bertram Gwil - 9
    Magnus Cicero Mag & Friedrich Fried - 6
    Eleonora Orchid Elle, Saskia Delphine Sass & Sybil Gardenia Syb - Newborn
    Proud creator of
    Emmanuelle, Leo Elliot, Eli Cecil, Skylla, Hian, Jules, Alicia, Nicodemus, Eamon, Andrew, Seventeen, Aurel, Blodfyr & Idra

    Dagmar Selene ~ Lystra Science ~ Linde Harriet ~ Oswald Seth ~ Laurel Bellamy ~

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    Roll for nationality (roll for each parent):
    1.) Irish
    2.) French
    3.) English
    4.) Italian
    5.) Swedish
    6.) Welsh
    7.) Russian
    8.) German

    DW: Katherine Niamh Bradley (was O'Connor); Irish
    DH: Oliver Jack Bradley; English

    Birth 1:
    4.) Boy
    -Seamus Finnian

    Birth 2:
    2.) Boy/Girl
    -Gabriel Tristan
    -Sofia Carmen

    Birth 3:
    4.) Girl
    -Gemma Scarlett

    Birth 4:
    7.) Boy/Boy
    -William Atticus
    -Louis Felix

    Birth 5:
    2.) Boy/Boy/Girl
    -Percival Jack
    -Oswald Harry
    -Pippa Lily

    Kat, Olly, Finn, Gabe, Sofia, Gemma, Liam, Louis, Percy, Harry, and Pippa

    Finn (age 15)

    Gabe (age 12)

    Sofia (age 12)

    Gemma (age 7)

    Liam and Louis (age 5); Pippa (age 1)

    Percy and Harry (age 1)

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    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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