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Thread: Family CAF

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    Family CAF

    I might as well mention, there is not a fixed amount of names in each bank. Sorry!

    Last name: Your choice, starts with a K.

    DH (46): Kaname, Stefan, Caleb, Lucas, Lukas, Mikhail
    DW (42): Yuki, Emily, Samantha, Jessica, Michelle, Rebecca, Beckie, Kiki

    DS/DD (24): Daku, Kale, Clay, Brooks, Vincent, Dylan, Oliver, Roan/Ivy-Rose, Ivye, Ivy, Roselani, Roselyn, Jaslene, Imari, Micala
    DS (16): Winterhawk, Murphy, Kingsley, Grey, Florian, Bishop, Theodore, Simon
    DD (14): Aisu, Aria, Eden, Vivienne, Mia, Liza
    Miranda Morgan-Charity Lisa-Winter Rose-Violet Eve-Anastasia Sophia ---- Elijah James-Winter Hawk-Elijah Zander-Peyton Blue

    Girls: Yuki, Aisu, Winterrose, Anastasia
    Boys: Zero, Winterhawk, Elijah, Zander

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    The Kings Family

    DH [46] Lucas Caleb Kings
    DW [42] Jessica Michelle {Kass} Kings

    DS/DD [24] Brooks Oliver Kings / Roselyn Micala Kings
    DS [16] Grey Theodore Kings
    DD [14] Liza Vivienne Kings

    Luke & Jess Kings
    - Brooks, Rosie, Grey, & Liza Kings
    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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    Last name: Kohl

    DH (46): Lucas Stefan Kohl
    DW (42): Kiki Samantha Kohl

    DS/DD (24): Dylan Vincent Kohl / Ivy-Rose Jaslene Kohl
    DS (16): Simon Murphy Kohl
    DD (14): Eden Vivienne Kohl

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    DH (46): Caleb Stefan
    DW (42): Emily Samantha

    DS/DD (24): Brooks Oliver / Ivy Roselyn
    DS (16): Grey Simon
    DD (14): Mia Vivienne
    Emily Christine. 17.

    My Favorite Names
    Vega. Indie. Maisie. Junia. Nova. Dinah. Louise. Scout. Barbara. Ruby.
    Vade. Roman. Wyatt. Lachlan. August. Gideon. Lincoln. Micah. Finnegan. Sawyer.

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