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    DW: Carys Iona Vinter (Welsh)
    DH: Stellan Matthias Vinter (Swedish)

    DS: Lars Adrian
    DS/DS: Gabriel Tristan and Henrik Ottavio
    DD/DD: Ingrid Clara and Anja Deryn
    DS: John Remus
    DD/DS: Marlin Dahlia and Kit Anderson

    Carys, Stellan, Lars, Gabriel, Henrik, Ingrid, Anja, John, Marlin, and Kit Vinter.

    Hard to blend the two together, and not many Welsh name options on those pages!

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    DH: Paolo Luciano Sarno (Italian)
    DW: Olwen Reese (Bowen) Sarno (Welsh)

    DD: Paloma Mabyn Sarno
    DD/DD/DD: Alexandra Carmen Sarno/Amalia Elettra Sarno/Ariane Bianca Sarno
    DD/DD: Niamh Deryn Sarno/Noemi Gwendolyn Sarno
    DD: Enrica Eithne Sarno
    DD/DD/DD: Branwyn Violet Sarno/Cerys Rose Sarno/Finn Marigold Sarno

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Dad is Irish, Mom is Russian.

    DW: Kira Sabyne Kolenka
    DH: Arlen Neil Murphy

    Birth 1:
    DD: Tatiana Maura Murphy

    Birth 2:
    DS/DS: Constantine Boris Murphy & Nicolas Tybalt Murphy
    (none of the choices for FN or MN were Irish or Russian)

    Birth 3:
    DD: Irina Parthenia Murphy

    Birth 4:
    DD: Angelica Macha Murphy

    Birth 5:
    DS/DS/DS: Clancy Aidan Murphy & Lorcan Finn Murphy & Phelan Liam Murphy

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    Sari, high school senior.

    Cressida. Imelda. Vera.
    Lucian. CasimIr. Basil.

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