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    I like Sabine, Sabrina and Sabina in that order. I dont know why, but I dont like Sabrine. And, Sabre doesnt work for me.

    I know an older French woman from my sister's town who has a grown daugther named Sabine. I just love it.

    Names like Sabine, Sabrina, Sabina - Saskia, Sasha, Selah, Sandrine, Celine/Selene, Selena, Serena, Seren, Sarita (nn: Sari is cute) come to mind. I also think of Susannah which names me think of Sosie and Sukie.

    My faves: Sabine, Saskia and Sasha. Seren is growing on me.

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    Sabrina or Sabina.

    How about Sybil or Sybilla?
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    Whew, lost the thread for a moment.

    Any who...
    Thanks Berries for your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

    Lately, I have really been feeling Sabrina, and think it will stay in my top 5. Can anyone help me think of middle names? (Or is this thread so 'dead' I should ask this on a future thread. Lol)

    @josiek, I actually like the name, Céline, I have it on my list. I originally begin liking it because of the singer. It just hasn't made it back to the top yet.

    @capturedcastle, thank you for the suggestion, but Sybil, I have never really been fond of that name. I never understood why.

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    I like Sabine the best! P.S. I love Sabrina the movie!

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    I was of the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" generation of TV watchers, but I don't necessarily think of that upon hearing Sabrina, and still think it is the most gorgeous.
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