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Thread: Is John boring?

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    Dec 2012

    Is John boring?

    Do you think John is boring? Really loving the combination with our chosen middle name. What do you think of the name John Ackers? John Evelyn Ackers?

    Thanks, Lillian

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    Apr 2012
    Yeah I do. Sorry. I like it as a middle though!

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    Baltimore, Maryland
    Not at all. I think it's pure classic. It would be completely unexpected on a modern day baby.
    All the best,

    Charlotte Noelle
    Baby boy due February 16th, 2013

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    I don't think so at all. It's classic and imo most of the classic names have a certain spunk to them. With your combo I prefer Johnathan/Jonathan however

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    Not at all boring!! I favor boy names that are masculine & not at all juvenile & trendy. John is probably the best of that list. It's the Jane of boy's names- never feels dated, your child will never feel pigeon holed cause it suits all types! Very handsome choice!

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