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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I never 'went it alone', but for a few months I just charted temps and checked cervical mucus and kept track with Fertility Friend. But then I wanted another data point, especially since my temperatures don't chart out into a very clear pattern for some reason, and CM also doesn't necessarily line up with ovulation very well.

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    Thanks for all the well wishes. I had totally expected to know for sure by today, but since it didn't work out that way, I'm so antsy!

    @Loveday - Thanks for the reassurance. I know what you mean about pregnant women. There are three pregnant women at work and two men on staff have pregnant wives. After the last pregnancy announcement, everyone started giving me the side-eye and hinting at me being next. While I'd *love* to be next, I'd rather not have everyone watching me expectantly!

    @Sophie - That all looks promising! I'm crossing my fingers for you. :-) As to OPKs, I hadn't planned on testing for a few months. I was going to just take my temperature because with my PCOS, I wanted to have an idea whether I was ovulating. I ended up some OPKs for free and they expire in September, so I decided to give it a go.
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    @daisychain - I've always used Clearblue ovulation sticks (the ones with three, blinking smiley and solid smiley). They're always great at identifying when my LH surge is happening and are so easy to use. They are a bit more $$$ though, but the one month I tried cheaper ones they didn't work right and I got frustrated. So I stick with Clearblue.
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    @Maggie - Same boat. No AF and no positive test. But I'm less optimistic than you! Your temps staying high mean you're still in with a good chance!

    I won't be testing for several more days. I don't want to waste tests and I HATE seeing negative tests. I'd rather not know! If AF hasn't arrived by Thursday morning, I'll test then with FMU (it's Monday morning here now). By the way, I said I was roughly 14DPO when I tested on Sunday, but I now know that's inaccurate and I was more likely somewhere between 10-13DPO then, so there's still the possibility of that one being a false negative (this is me...clinging to hope!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiefromcanada View Post
    @Andieta - My husband's team is Liverpool. He's been a fan since he was little. We even watched the game drinking coffee out of our Liverpool mugs.
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