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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @casilayne: good luck at your appointment...sending you good vibes

    @loveday: good luck on your ttw!

    @whitegold: I get really bad mood swings and I've found that the vitamin Vitex helps a lot in easing the symptoms and I've heard it may help with ttc...just a thought but it may be worth looking into for you!
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    Thanks lovely ladies for your encouraging words

    @whitegold, I am in the same boat! All my pms symptoms are worse now i am off the pill. I'm pretty sure my partner thinks I'm psycho, one minute I'm crying about not being pregnant the next I'm happy/and or grumpy/or trying to get him into bed! Not to mention I have the WORST cramps!
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    Aw, thanks ladies, that's very sweet of you

    My PMS was a lot better on the pill but it also gave me pretty severe depression. So instead of being highly irritable and emotional a few days per month, I was just down in a dark hole every day... Out of the two, I will take the PMS, thank you very much! I think even my husband would agree, lol.
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    Thank you so much @saristin

    This cycle has been so weird for me!! I mentioned my ovaries aching the other day and last night I had heartburn. I've only had heartburn one or two other times ever. I think it's stress and hormone related. I mean, I've been in a lot of doctor's appointments lately, and my even have a career change in the next week or so. It's all a lot to take in, even though it's good stuff. Oh! I forgot to tell y'all! My midwife's nurse called and they have to redo my pap. :/ Fannnnntastic.
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    That sucks.....@casilayne

    I'm entering my fertile period right now.... Hope I'm ovulating finally!!!!
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