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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @ alzora- So sorry for another disappointing month! It gets so hard to take after a while. Just remember that someday you will be a mom, and this will all be a distant memory. I remember wishing my first time TTC hadn't taken so long, but then I had my son and I was so grateful for the wait because he is amazing. If I had gotten pregnant sooner, it wouldn't be the same kid, and my son is just too awesome to miss :-) That knowledge really helped with this round of TTC for me, because I knew God had a very special child in mind for me, and I just had to wait till that little one was ready. You are still in my prayers, and I know you can make it through this.

    @grecianern- Twins!!! A thousand congratulations! I'm so happy for you, and so glad this ultrasound looked so good!
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    Grecian, hip hip hooray! Mazel tov my dear that is fantastic news!

    Alzora, another anniversary another day to be thankful.

    In other news, I have my surgery pre-op appt soon. So ... yay? Sure.
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    @Poppy - Good luck for your appointment. It is "yay" because it's another step on your journey to becoming a mother. Hope everything goes well for you
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    @ Caroline, welcome! I love some of the names on your list - Coralie and Beatrix are on my long list, too
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    @Grecienern, Twins! How exciting, twice the joy - Wishing you all the best!
    @alzora, sorry that AF arrived for you, and on a day you should be celebrating - thanks for sharing your story with us.

    No real news from me, still awaiting AF only had a withdrawal bleed the week after coming off BC but its almost been a month and nothing. I'm feeling extra hormonal, grumpy, emotional and I'm now covered in pimples :-/ I took a PT this morning hoping that maybe just maybe it had happened right away but no, in reality I probably haven't even ovulated... Sigh....
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