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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora: Yours is such an inspiring story, I am celebrating and congratulating you on your third "lifeday"! I still can't believe you can't get fertility tests done considering all your injuries, and now AF came, ughh so frustrating it must be...

    @gracianern: Yeeeeehhhhhh that's such amazing news, after all this sadness you def. deserve DOUBLE joy It is such a hopefull story for all of us. Do you get extra check ups now?

    @butterflykisses: good luck with those tests, when are they scheduled?

    As for me, I'm finally being admitted to hospital next week, and my fertility window starts right after I get home, so we can (carefully) start trying right away FINALLY, but sadly enough my brother-in-law announced his divorce today, and now my husband is all in a "whats the point in TTC/don't want children from a broken home mood" (his reaction to feeling sad/scared for the children involved in the divorce, it has nothing to do with our marriage) so I hope he feels better by next week...

    P.S. @blade ant-two hahaha that's an even better name than baby curveball!
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    @alzora, what a beautiful and poignant post. Life is definitely worth celebrating.

    @grecianern, wow, double congrats! I have been thinking of twins a lot lately, I think just because I would love them!
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    Just popping in real quick, but I wanted to say:

    @alorza: Happy life day! That's such a fantastic day to celebrate. I'm sorry it didn't line up with the bfp you were looking for.

    @beatrixdaisy: Welcome!

    @Grecianurn: ahhhhh! twosies! Congrats!
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    @alzora - I'm so sorry things didn't work out for you this month. I like Blade's suggestion of viewing a negative result as bringing you a month closer to September when you'll be able to find out some answers. Thinking of you xx.

    @grecianern - Oh my goodness! That's amazing news! I'm so happy for you! It's so wonderful to hear after your recent loss. Thinking of you and hoping your pregnancy goes smoothly.

    I'm currently 7DPO so it's still another week before I'll know anything. Waiting (im)patiently...
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    @alzora - I'm sorry June 13th didn't turn out how you wished, but it's getting closer and closer to September! Things are going to happen soon!!!

    @grecianern - Wow!!! I am so happy for you! Twins would be my dream come true so I can imagine how utterly excited you must be!

    Welcome and good luck Frances!
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