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    Wanted to share this poem...for mothers that have had losses

    this helped me a lot

    Wee Little One

    Wee little babe,So tiny, so pure,
    Wee little heart,
    Beating no more,
    Oh, how it hurts,
    Oh,how I love
    That dear little soul,
    My own wee dove.

    Flesh of my Flesh,
    Bone of my bones,
    Why did you leave?
    My mother heart groans.

    I would with joy
    Carry you longer,
    So that you,wee one,
    Could grow stronger!

    But quietly you left,
    Slipping to the sky,
    Wee heart not beating
    Leaves Mama to cry!

    Lonely & Empty
    I reach out to God,
    & Pray that He
    Will give strength to trod.

    Knowing my Father
    Sees my grief & tears,
    and caring for me
    Will understand my fears!

    -Delores Moyer

    The writer she wrote this poem after having a few miscarriages that have been so hard.

    this was sent from a dear friend Aneta. I needed this!! this is how I have been feeling, and it captures everything I have been feeling.
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    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous poem. It's beautiful
    Mumma of 3 Angel babies, Lani (my heavenly flower), Charlie (my free little one) and Brennan (my brave teardrop) xxx

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    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, this means a lot to me now. I posted this on Instagram today:
    TTC #1

    Alice - Beatrix - Clara - Daphne - Flora - Harriet - Mabel - Susannah

    Arthur - Barnaby - Edward - Frederick - Henry - Rupert - Theodore - Walter

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    Your poem on instagram is beautiful too, Sarah. It brings up so many emotions. It is so healthy to grieve. As I read somewhere, "miscarriage is the death of a family member". Yes we may get pregnant again, but it won't be with the little ones we have lost. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Mumma of 3 Angel babies, Lani (my heavenly flower), Charlie (my free little one) and Brennan (my brave teardrop) xxx

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    New Zealand
    That quote is beautiful, Sarah.
    Mother to miss Mila Arden and her brand new brother, Cato Bennett

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