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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @betty yes it does. I was pretty hopeful for this month so it was pretty disappointing that it didn't happen. This was the first time that I could tell hubby was disappointed too. I am projected to ovulate again around the 30th so fingers crossed for a New Year's surprise.
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    Okay, this will be my last comment on this thread! I just want to say thanks to everyone for all your support during the year! Of course, I was hoping I'd have a baby by now, so it's disappointing to be heading over to the TTC 2014 thread. But I think I'll see a few of you over there (although hopefully not for long). This year has certainly been tough and wasn't what I was expecting when we started trying, but hopefully our sticky baby is just around the corner. Good luck and baby dust to everyone trying in 2014! And happy new year! xx
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    @kaitree yes a new years surprise would be nice! yes my husband was sad last cycle as well

    @sarah yes everything i imagined about TTC is completely different to my own experience. When i joined back in July i thought id have a similar story to my sister (bam and baby) and I thought Id have a baby by July at the latest! Umm poor naive me..i was even hoping to have one before i turned 30 in may...

    I also want to thank everyone for the encouragement's and distractions over the last 6 months!

    Since i wont know if this cycle is successful until early next year i'll keep everyone updated over in the TTC 2014 forum(which also bums me out that we all have to join, but like Sarah says hopefully not for long!)

    Happy new year and baby dust to all!

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    I stopped coming over here this last month because my husband and I decided to take the month off (and not track my cycles or pay attention to what day we were having sex). Despite that, somehow I ended up with two positive tests this morning. I'm still in shock and keeping my fingers crossed it lasts. It's my first positive pregnancy test, though, so I'm excited. I'll probably keep cheering on people in the 2014 thread, so good luck to everyone here.
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    Congratulations, and good luck!
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    Best Wishes To All

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