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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    not sure when i ovulated but i tested last night, period due today- nice big fat negative, so of course i had to google the odds of still being pregnant, 14 days after you ovulate if you get a negative pee stick test you still have 9.6% chance of being pregnant…

    temps where really low this month so i don't know what to think about that. they where raised this morning tho by .2 degrees Celsius (maybe 2 week late ovulation- is that even possible?)

    those couple of days around when AF is due are the worst

    @vec if your temp dropped and you had spotting i would say its definitely your AF, but since your temps are up id say give it a few more days. I can't believe how close december is! you don't have long to wait

    @sarah, Yes way too early- i should really take some of my own advice as I'm also a chronic early tester

    @dindlee goodlcuk i hope af stays away!

    So just waiting waiting at my end- looks like we have a few of us in the same boat- baby dust to all!

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    @Betty - I went to my doctor a few months ago when my period was late, but I was getting negative tests at 16DPO. He wasn't surprised I was getting negatives at all and said it's actually really common. So we shouldn't always think we'll get our BFP by 10DPO!
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    I'm out, ladies. AF arrived today.
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    @Dindlee That stinks. How long has it been since you went off BCP? I know you mentioned it in an earlier post I just forget. Hang in there, maybe next month will be the one!

    Still in the TWW for me, AF due on the 21st.
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    Im so sorry Dindlee...AF is the worst!! Still no actual AF not as much spotting today just a little!! I hate my body for putting me through all of this. Good luck to all of you ladies in your TWWs...I am pulling for all of you.

    Betty-Thanks I know that December isn't too far but it seems like an eternity...if only I was a more patient person

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