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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Betty- You look incredible...congrats and thank god AF decided to stay away for a day!!

    Alzora- Your appointment is just around the corner...I am hoping for good news for you!!

    Good luck to all of my TWW buddies!!

    Welcome to all of you new berries...I am also in my TWW if I did if fact ovulate. I am 9 dpo and I think that AF should be do Friday the 25th...but this is just a guess. I really have no idea what to think or expect. I know that AF normally comes anywhere between 14-16 dpo so I am going by 14 days since this is just a guess. I am not really optimistic for anything or for even AF to show so I guess we will see. If I don't have anything by Saturday I will probably test just to see.

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    Hi ladies. This sucks, but I'm back. Unfortunately, I miscarried this morning. Or there's a confusing possibility I may not have even been pregnant at all. The story is that I started bleeding yesterday afternoon and went to the doctor's this morning. Had a blood test and results showed HCG levels less than two. Then went to A&E for an Anti D injection because I'm an Rh negative blood type. Because my HCG levels were so low, the doctor at the hospital thinks I probably wasn't pregnant at all. Of course, that doesn't explain why I had two positive HPTs and my period was several days late. So I'm thinking chemical pregnancy? Could my HCG levels go back to almost zero so quickly after a chem? Her response was that HPTs are "notoriously unreliable". I don't know about you guys, but I was under the impression that false positives are extremely rare (and I remember Blade saying as much). Well, either way I'm not pregnant, so it's a sad face emoticon from me
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    Sarah- I'm so sad for you. Take some time to rest and, oh, I don't have words. Sending you some hugs. So sorry.
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    I'm so sorry, Sarah, lots of hugs and well wishes to you. I hope you'll feel better.
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    @Sarah, that is so heartbreaking. I'm so sorry. <3

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