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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora the HSG is nearly completely painless. There is mild discomfort potentially associated with the cervical dilation to inject the dye. The dye is radio-opaque, it just travels up your tubes, and a series of X-rays is taken of your pelvis. It's just a syringe of dye.

    @MrsH that is NOT normal for ovulation. I'm a little surprised you're not being ultrasounded since Clomid + lap drilling could = like, 8 follicles or something. It could be totally unrelated to anything gyn at at all, it could be a withdrawal effect from estrogen now that your cycle has tipped over to the progesterone-dominant luteal phase [it's like taking brakes off a system, whoosh!].
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    @alzora all of my early pregnancy symptoms were identical to my PMS symptoms, so don't waste too much time fretting. The only thing you should focus on is the test result.
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    Quote Originally Posted by velvetcrush View Post
    @alzora all of my early pregnancy symptoms were identical to my PMS symptoms, so don't waste too much time fretting. The only thing you should focus on is the test result.
    This sure can turn a girl's day around. Thank you for lifting my hopes a bit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    @poppy, wait...should we be scared about the HSG? I thought it would be painless. But you sound nervous. Are these going to hurt? Anyway, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.
    I'm not too worried about the test. My fear right now is the TVUS that will occur on cd3. I don't think it will actually hurt physically but just hurt my pride as I don't want to be messy. I think it sounds humiliating, and I hate actually seeing blood.

    I very much like the way you celebrate life on the anniversary of your accident. I like how positive it is. A BFP would be a fabulous announcement.
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    @poppy, If it helps any, I had a vaginal u/s on day 3 also. I think more than one. It really isn't any big deal. The doc and nurses know you'll be bleeding, and they will take measures to make it as clean and comfortable as possible. They do these ultrasounds all the time. For all sorts of fertility issues. Try not to stress too much about it.
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