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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora - That would be awesome! I'm hoping so hard you get your BFP this month!
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi I'm new here. I'm looking for some support. Here's my story. I'm 26. DH is 27. We have been married since 9/10/11. Since then we have not used protection or anything like that. About 3 months after being married we started looking at online ovulation calculators. I have also tried OPK's from time to time. We try to BD on every day of the fertile window but it never works out. Sometimes it's just one time during that time. All of my family is quite fertile so I'm worried maybe there's something wrong with me? Or maybe its just not happening at the right times. I'm just about to end AF so this month I am having DH take vitamins. I am also as of yesterday using Fertilitea and in the next few days I also plan on using robitussin as well. My hope is to conceive by my 2 year anniversary in September. If anyone has any suggestions please send them my way

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    Welcome to Nameberry and to our thread, Shakaz! Wow, you have been trying for a while. My suggestion would be a repeat of what everyone seems to say: seek medical assistance since you have been trying for over a full year. Your husband could also be examined. Perhaps you will eventually conceive on your own given enough time, but I personally would consult a doctor right away to begin infertility screening. So many of the issues that could be standing in your way are easily treatable. Keep us posted!

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    Awww alzora, that would be a wonderful way to announce your pregnancy. I hope you get your wish this month!

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    Thanks, sarahmezz and violetindigo! It would be ideal. But I MIGHT be feeling PMS symptoms at the moment...usually about five days or so before my period, my knees ache (anyone else?) and I get a mildly achy sensation in the vaginal region. I feel like both things are beginning very mildly. It's a little deflating when you see all your monthly mile-markers approaching in their expected order. But I guess it's not over till it's over.

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