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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    My deepest apologies for linking to this on here, but it had to be done. Warning: bad words.

    It kind of personifies most of your trains of thought.
    I laughed at Bluer Ivy and I love the name Beth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    Khalyeezy is the actual best. Thank you for the link
    Yes! I also liked Khampagne Bubble!
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    OK I am reading through and while Karat is very silly and blingy, I actually think Carrot would be an adorable word/nature name. It makes me think of Queen Anne's Lace/ Carrot Flowers.

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    I just saw a "news" article that said a nurse leaked the baby's name. Apparently her name is...

    Kaidence Donda West
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    Quote Originally Posted by theclocktowerofjoy View Post
    I find this mean and disgusting. And full of hate, BTW.
    Honestly, that was part of the point. I find most of this thread mildly mean and disgusting. And this category. I mean, it's fun, but these are real people, 'famous' or not. Many comments on here are not very sensitive to that.
    I’m just trying to behave as I think a friend should behave. Granted, I haven’t had much practice.

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