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    I'm guessing Kastle for a boy. I'm stuck on a girls name though, I'm thinking something exotic with a little bit of royalty and definitely unique.
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    Oh, I really hope it's not Kassia/Cassia! That would completely ruin it for me.

    I can totally see Kalypso, actually. Something over-the-top and attempting-to-be-yooneek...I think Kadence might be a good guess as well.

    As for boys, I think King or any variations that were listed in someone above me's post are a very real possibility. Or Kash, maybe? Or would that be too kliche?...
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    I agree... The baby's name will start with a K and I foresee a misspelling.
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    I don't really follow the Kardashians very closely, but I vaguely remember reading a thread during one of Kourtney's pregnancies where someone mentioned something about Kim encouraging her sister to continue the tradition of K names, so because of that I'm inclined to agree with most of the previous posters that they'll probably use a K name. Kanye's mother was apprently an English professor, so I could see them using some sort of obscure literary reference both to honor her and maybe to show off a bit.

    I could see them with a Kalixta.

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