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Thread: Create a Family

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    Mar 2011
    Your Name: Augusta Jane Phoebe
    DH’s Name: William Prescott

    Birth 1: Girl
    Luna Jane Penelope

    Birth 2: Triplet Girls
    Iris Amelia, Rose Ariana, & Lily Alexandra

    Birth 3: Boy
    Hugh William

    Birth 4: Girl
    Emma Augusta

    Two Collies: Sonny & Cher

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    Your Name: Harriet Evelyn Josephine

    DH Name: Devin Henry

    Birth 1
    Do you have a pet?

    Yes, Dog

    You have a Girl

    Luna Josephine

    Birth 2
    Are you wearing pajamas?
    Yes: You have all girl triplets Fern Beatrix, Iris Wilhelmina and Wren Victoria

    Birth 3
    If it is Sunday-Wednesday: You have a boy Hugh Mitchell

    Birth 4
    What is your favorite type of music?

    Other: B/B twins Beau Landry and Dane Austin

    Pets (ROLL DICE)

    3. You get 2 dogs dachshund, Picasso and Matisse

    List Your Family.
    DW: Harriet Evelyn Josephine
    DH: Devin Henry
    Baby 1: Luna Josephine
    Baby 2: Fern Beatrix
    Baby 3: Iris Wilhelmina
    Baby 4: Wren Victoria
    Baby 5: Hugh Mitchell
    Baby 6: Beau Landry
    Baby 7: Dane Austin
    Pups: Picasso and Matisse

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    Your Name: Lucia Celeste Marie Grey
    DH Name: Theo Roland Grey

    Birth 1: Lincoln Oliver & Tallulah Jane
    Birth 2: Harbor Charlotte, DeltaDellElisabeth, & BayouBayVictoria
    Birth 3: Lennon Ellis
    Birth 4: Mackenzie Elle

    Pets: Dog, Maxon & Cat, Singer

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    DW: Charlotte Wilhelmina Grace Beaufort
    DH: Alexander Prescott Humphrey
    DD: Grace Emma Beaufort Humphrey (twin)
    DS: Henry Finn Beaufort Humphrey (twin)
    DD: Rose Isabella Beaufort Humphrey (triplet)
    DD: Dove Josephine Beaufort Humphrey (triplet)
    DD: Isle Eleonore Beaufort Humphrey (triplet)
    DS: Lucas Vincent Beaufort Humphrey
    DD: Lana Arabelle Beaufort Humphrey (twin)
    DS: Yoann Alexandre Beaufort Humphrey (twin)

    Dog: Sage
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    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Me: Elvie Tana Nyx Lark
    Husband: Nikolai Feliks Lark "Niko"
    Daughter: Cassiopeia Faye Lark "Cassie"
    Triplet Daughters: Solstace Astrid Lark "Tacey", Primrose Olympia Lark "Prim" and Seren Isadora Lark
    Daughter: Yelena Florence Lark
    Twin Sons: Feliks Roman Lark and Jarek Jagger Lark
    German Shephards: Russell and Howard

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