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    Ooh, I love Carlevaro for the surname. I'll have to go back over all of the first name suggestions. Thanks everyone!

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    You just described this Italian girl I know to a T appearance wise. Her name is Giuliana.

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    I've narrowed it down to Adele, Leonora, Adriana, Giada, Viola, and Serafina with the surname Carlevaro. Any thoughts?

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    Adele Carlevaro - Adele reminds me too much fo the singer, and therefore I can't see it fitting your character's description.
    Leonora Carlevaro - Leonora is bit...common feeling for her.
    Adriana Carlevaro - Adriana Carlevaro is very model like to me, which doesn't really fit her either.
    Giada Carlevaro - I like this one the best. It's artistic and musical feeling, a bit eccentric, and has that feeling of wealth and prim because it's a gem name. It also brings the image you want, curly black hair, olive skin and dark brown eyes.
    Viola Carlevaro - I like this one the second best. It's got a little lesss rich feeling compared to Giada.
    Serafina Carlevaro - I don't get the physical appearance you want at all. I picture blonde straight hair, very fine, light eyes and skin.

    Giada then Viola are my favourite.
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