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    They clearly have a passion for "life":

    Levi - anagram for "live"
    Vida - "life" in Portuguese
    Livingston - self-explanatory.

    Also, the name seems to fit the "-on" ending Brazillians love so much (I could picture a footballer named this, lol!). I wonder how they'll call him... Liv? Ving?
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    Maybe they'll call him Stone?

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    I'm sorry but it's too cheesy, naming your kid after a platitude of a personal motto like that. Stony or Stone as a nickname might make it tolerable (barely).

    I like their other two kids' names, though.
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    Thomas ("maybe")

    Current favorite combo: Linnea Dorothy ("Lindy")

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    I hate it.....poor kid

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    I try to find something to love in most names, but this just sounds awful and pretentious!

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