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Thread: 5 kids

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    you have 5 kids: 3 daughters 2 boys.

    Daughter #1: Cora June

    Son #1: Dalton Charles

    Son #2: Levi Nicholas

    Daughter #2: Ellie Katherine

    Daughter #3: Hazel Hope

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    1. Harriet June.

    2. Liam Kellan. (I like coffee! What can I say? Lol)

    3. Leland William.

    4. Emily Charlotte

    5. Sadie Nicole
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    Matilda Margaret Rowe (called Tillie)
    Lucy Charlotte Rose (called Lu)
    Hazel Josephine Eve (called Hazel)

    Asher Rhett (called Ash)
    Levi William (called Levi)
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    1. Zara June
    2. Olive Charlotte
    3. Aurora Faith

    1. Ace Joseph
    2. Atticus Daniel
    Stellan Matthias, Felix Augustus, Maximilian Piers, Charles Emerson (Charlie), William Casimir, Thomas Lloyd, Ferdinand Joseph, and Leopold Frederick.
    Considering Archer, Graham, Elias, and Sebastian (Bash).

    Helena Isabel, Philippa Mary (Pippa), Alice Bryony, Clara Emilia Rosalind, Tessa (no middle yet), Rose Adelaide, Anthea Caroline, Beatrix Violet, and Diana Sophie.
    Considering Audrey, Liv, Matilda, India, and Isabel (as a first name).

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