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    Middle name for Auden

    I just love the name Auden and would love to have a middle name that begins with a T so this baby girl can have DH's initials. What do you have in mind? If not a "T" mn then what?
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    Auden is a beautiful choice. My first thoughts are Auden Grace and Auden Elizabeth. I think because it's sort of an unusual choice a really classic middle name goes wonderfully with it.

    Keeping with the T idea I would suggest-
    Auden Theresa
    Auden Theone
    Auden True
    Auden Taylor
    Auden Tori
    Auden Thais
    Auden Thalia
    Auden Tessa

    My other suggestions are-
    Auden Claire
    Auden Sophia
    Auden Victoria
    Auden Pearl
    Auden Lake
    Auden Catherine
    Auden Lenore
    Auden Harlow
    Auden Olivia
    Auden Violet
    Auden Charlotte
    Auden Cate
    Auden Elise
    Auden Scarlett
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    I don't have or want any kids. I just love names!

    Top 10: Andrea, Chelsea, Tara, Brooke, Alexandra, Nathaniel, Cody, Grant, Alexander, Graham

    I also love Russian and Irish names, as well as the names of many cities and countries.

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    Gorgeous name! I like the above suggestions of Auden Taylor and Auden's some more

    Auden Tabia
    Auden Tira
    Auden Teal
    Auden Tess/a
    Auden Talia
    Auden Tatum
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    I love the suggestion of Auden Thalia. What about Auden Thalassa or Auden Talitha?
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