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    1. Indara- Cool, with my favorite nickname Indie.
    2. Venera- Not sure if I like this one. Looks regal, but doesn't sound pretty.
    3. Luna- Lovely!
    4. Carmen- I associate this with the Lana Del Rey song, the chorus starting with, "the boys, the girls, they all like Carmen/She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes/She laughs like God, her mind is like a diamond..."
    5. Aldara- Pretty and unusual.
    6. Mireia- I'd like it a lot if it were meh-RAY-ah.
    7. Aurelia- Nice, but not beautiful.
    8. Isis- Very cool and spunky! I'd love to meet a little Iris.
    9. Coralie- Nice, but there are better names on this list.
    10. Sapphira- So gorgeous!
    11. Sappho- Could be a nn for Sapphira, however I think Saph would be a better nn. Just Sappho wouldn't work for me.
    12. Mariana- I know a Mariana! It's a lovely name.
    13. Valentina- Pretty!

    My favorites from your list are: Isis, Sapphira & Mariana
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    Indara - Looks made up, I'd prefer Indira or Indra.
    Venera (is this too like "venereal"? I'm pronouncing it vuh-NEH-ra) - Lovely, the russian version of Venus. Pronunciation is VEN-err-uh. Vendela or Vendula?
    Luna - Very pretty. I like the green Selene or french Lune more, but gorgeous all the same.
    Carmen - Good one, I like Carmen a lot. I know one, she's very lovely.
    Aldara - I'd prefer Aldura (a star in Canis Major) or Adara.
    Mireia (mee-RAY-ah) - Very cute and sweet. I also like Mira and Miriam.
    Aurelia - Beautiful, and it means golden!
    Isis - Gorgeous and simple.
    Coralie - It's too frilly for me, but it is very cute. Coral is better IMO, but it's a fine name.
    Sapphira -It's ok, not one of your best ones.
    Sappho (does this have too much potential for teasing?) - Sappho's poetry was very sexual (and gender crossing), and the word lesbian derives from Lesbos, the island where she was born. The word sapphic comes from her name as well. Might be some teasing if kids discover this, but she was great and very cool, and there are a lot of amazing things created because of her. I don't find her name harsh at all, SAF-o, not SAFF-o.
    Mariana - It's nice.
    Valentina - I love Valentina, it's a beautiful name!
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    1. Indara - it's nice enough, but does seem a bit made up
    2. Venera (is this too like "venereal"? I'm pronouncing it vuh-NEH-ra) - yes I think venereal
    3. Luna - not a favorite of mine, but I don't think anyone would think it was odd on a person
    4. Carmen - I love Carmen
    5. Aldara - it's ok
    6. Mireia (mee-RAY-ah) - one of my all time favorites it is so fun to say
    7. Aurelia - its nice
    8. Isis - sounds nice but would be weird on a real person
    9. Coralie - it's nice but I prefer Cora. Cora Lee?
    10. Sapphira -I like it, sapphire is my favorite jewel
    11. Sappho (does this have too much potential for teasing?)- very unusual, I need to think about it...
    12. Mariana - pretty I love Mary, the -ana ending sounds a bit older
    13. Valentina - cute

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    Aurelia and Coralie are lovely.
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    Indara - Doesn't really have that spark with me, but it isn't a bad name. I like Inara, though.
    Venera - Venereal rings a bell.
    Luna - LOVE it! Gorgeous.
    Carmen - Very pretty. I think it's got a sweet sound and is certainly not dated.
    Aldara - Ehh. It's okay.
    Mireia - Pretty to say and spell. I like it, but I love Mireille (Mee-RAY).
    Aurelia - Not a fan.
    Isis - I prefer Iris. Isis seems cold and unfriendly. Also, I was watching a TV show where the main character was named Isis and she was very unlikable.
    Coralie - Much prettier than just Cora, in my opinion. I love the spelling.
    Sapphira - A bit over the top for my taste.
    Sappho - Hate it, sorry.
    Mariana - Not a fan. I find it a bit blah.
    Valentina - It's nice.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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