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    David is a good name, but even in my generation (millenial) there are a plethora of them. I know a preteen Dave though, and it just kills me (in a humorous way) that he is 12 and named Dave.

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    David is a big family name for my Dh (who is a David, and whose father was a David). He wanted to name our son David but I just couldn't live with another David in our family. So, our compromise is that we switched my husbands name around. My DH is David Nils II, So my DS is Nils David. Therefore its the same name but he will not have any others in his class (unless of the 18 boys named Nils born in America in 2011 just happen to live in our school district, which i doubt. Is there a compromise with to use it but not?
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    I love it. I think it's a strong name that everyone will know but not so common that there will be many others.

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    David is a favorite of mine and i don't see it as boring at all. That being said I hate Dave and Davey, they sound plain. David doesn't really need a nick name.

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    Love the name David!! My cousin's name is David, and he's never been called Dave - only Davey and David.

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