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    Baby Name Game: Bo Wood's Story

    Your name is Bo Arianna Lennox. You're currently a twenty-five years old, fresh out of college, and just scored your first job teaching at an elementary school.

    While in your new town, you meet an older man who you find yourself attracted to, his name is (first, middle, and last name all must have the same initial). After dating a while, you find out that he is a widow, he lost his wife (a two syllable first name, trendy middle name) last year, and he was left with two children (both have first names beginning with the same initial as their father), a twelve year old son and a three year old daughter.

    After four months of dating _______, you find out that you're pregnant. He's there for you for the beginning of the pregnancy and for a while you feel like you might be able to be a family. However, four months into your pregnancy (eight months of dating), you discover that you aren't happy with him, and want to separate. He gets angry at you and refuses to help you out with the baby.

    You're a first time single mom in a new town, and have no idea what you're doing. You go to the bookstore to buy as many books on pregnancy that you can find. You start to realize that you'll be doing it all on your own, and start to get emotional, crying in the pregnancy aisle.

    A man is also in the aisle and notices this. He goes over to comfort you. His sister is pregnant and was buying her a book. He introduces himself to you as (a sporty first name, a classic middle name, and his last name is Wood), and tells you that he'll treat you to some lunch. He really helps to comfort you, and ends up buying you a stack of books along with your food. At the end of lunch, he gives you his number and tells you to call anytime you need anything.

    & you needed something. A couple weeks later, you were emotionally distraught, once again. He comes over and listens to you talk about everything. After this night, he vows to be there for you and the baby. The next four months, he's with you everyday, helping you. He helps you paint the nursery, he goes with you to check ups, and you couldn't be anymore grateful.

    When you're nearly eight months pregnant, you go to one of his soccer games (he's currently trying to make it professionally). After, he's so happy you came, he invites you over to his house for dinner. You end up initiating a very deep conversation, where for the first time he talks about his life and himself. Later, after hours of talking, he admits to you that he's also in love with you. You feel the same way, but don't think it's right to get together with someone when you're about to have a baby. He understands.

    A couple of weeks later, you have a son. He has a first name that starts with C, his middle name is related to his biological father's, his second middle name is Beau (after yourself) and you give him your own last name, Lennox. Your soccer player best friend is there for you in delivery. After you see the way he is with your son, you decide you want to give a relationship a chance.

    A couple of years go by & you're not only still with your boyfriend, but he lives with you and your son. Your son is about to enter kindergarten, and you're almost thirty-one. Your boyfriend sees you looking at old pictures and catches on that you want more children. He proposes to you, saying he's wanted to marry you ever since he saw you at the bookstore. Of course, you accept.

    Your wedding is fairly small. It's held in your own backyard and your parents, his parents and sister, and your son are the only one's in attendance. At the reception, when the both of you found some alone time, he asks you if he can officially adopt your son. The both of you talk to your son, and he agrees. You officially change your name to Bo Wood, changing your sons with yours.

    You honeymoon in Paris. You both love the French culture. When you get back, you're both so busy with your work. Your now husband has been drafted into the big leagues and is really thriving with his soccer career. You and your son go to almost every game, and are very proud of him. But, it's not until two years later (when your son is eight), that you're pregnant for the second time. Due to both of your love for the French culture, when your daughter is born nine months later, you give her a french name. Her middle name is Arianna, after yourself, and her last name is Wood.

    You, your husband, son and daughter are unbelievably happy. You live in a crowded two bedroom house but are spending the money your husband is earning like crazy on the new baby and on your son. Your son has also proven that he is a genius. He's mastered chess and is extremely logical. He loves to read. He's also very friendly and good with his younger sister.

    Your daughter is just barely one year old when you decide you want another child. You feel as though your time is running out to have a big family. A couple of months later, with a nine year old and an eighteen month old, you discover that you're pregnant with twins.

    You move to a nice six bedroom house, closer to where your husband plays soccer. A couple months later, you have twins as well as your waddling little toddler and a genius ten year old. You have one boy and one girl. Your son has a two syllable name, his middle name is after your husband. Your new daughter has a similar sounding name to her sister, and her middle name is only one letter different than that of her sister's middle name.

    After thinking about it for a long time, you quit your teaching job and earn some extra money by selling the produce from your garden. Your son is now fourteen and in high school getting scholarship offers already, while your daughter is six and in first grade showing that she has great talent with singing and is learning how to play guitar, your twins are just four, but your son shows very strong interest in following in his dad's footsteps, while your daughter paints extremely well for her age, and wants to be an artist. Or a princess, she can't decide. You and your husband decide that you want one more child.

    You're thirty-nine and having trouble conceiving this last child. Slightly depressed about your situation, your husband takes you to Italy, trying to rekindle your relationship. And surprise! You conceive twin girls while staying in Italy. At forty, you give birth to your girls. Both of them have Italian names, and one of them starts with the same letter as your second daughter.

    You're absolutely in love with your life and large family.
    Your oldest son becomes a doctor and marries his childhood girlfriend (her name is a trendy name with it's original spelling, middle name is one syllable), who is the CEO of a toy company for kids. He has three children, a girl (a name starting with M, middle name your choice), a boy (a name starting with E, middle name your choice), and a second son (a name starting with O, middle name your choice)

    Your oldest daughter becomes a lyricist for a popular band. She marries a man she met in college (his name is inspired from literature, his middle name is from a song, last name your choice). They have two girls together, one with a geographical name and the other with a feminine name (middle names your choice)

    Your second daughter sadly passes away at twelve years old, from an accidental over dose. You and your family misses her everyday.

    Your youngest son becomes an all star soccer player on the same team as your husband. He is never married, but does have a little girl. Her name is trendy but classy, and her middle name is Marie, Lynn or Grace.

    Your older twin daughter becomes a chef. She is married twice. The first time is to a man with a name inspired by a color, his middle name is Brian, Gregory or Nathaniel, his last name is your choice. They have four boys. They all start with the same letter, their middle names are southern inspired.

    Your youngest child becomes a scientist. She's great at gardening like her mother, and made a break through discovery that made her well known in the science community. She is married to a lawyer. His name is inspired by a university name, and his middle name is biblical. His last name is your choice. They never have any children.
    bailey axton // jack banning // wesley reid
    mia ashlyn // halle brooke // bellamy prescott

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    bailey axton // jack banning // wesley reid
    mia ashlyn // halle brooke // bellamy prescott

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