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    Namebank CAF 12.16.14

    LN: Pinckney, Hoffmann, Brown, Penley, Hernandez
    Maiden Name: O'Connell, Chavez, Hamilton, Anderson, Verdugo
    DH (65): Max, Brett, Atticus, Jesse, Ryan
    DW (65): Ashlyn, Aubrey, Brooke, Naomi, Irene
    DD1 (38): Elise, Isabelle, Diane, Cecelia, Juliet
    DD2 (35): Madelyn, Caroline, Camille, Eve, Anne
    DS1 (33): Curtis, Ross, Lawrence, Henry, Nathaniel
    DD3 (31): Ivy, Olivia, Jacqueline, Audrey, Grace

    LN: Anderson, Goins, Fielder, Mullins, Williams
    DD1 (38):
    DH (40): Sean, Isaac, Roy, Cooper, Lance
    dd/ds (13): Daniel, Sarah, Charlene, Megan, Alexandra/Alexander, Travis, Oliver, Adam, Jared
    dd (12): Charlotte, Madeleine, Sophia, Emily, Nicole

    LN: Burkes, Mason, Cunningham, Kim, Baptiste
    DD2 (35):
    DH (38): Marco, Kevin, Luke, Nathan, Lane
    ds (9): Everett, Julius, Edwin, Louis, Emil
    ds (6): Maxwell, Pierce, Merritt, Emmett, Forrest
    ds/ds (3): Clinton, Leo, Edmund, Russell, James/William, Alden, Reid, Preston, Dexter
    ds (nb): Liam, Owen, Sidney, Archer, Spencer

    Maiden Name: Williams, Ford, Jackson, Watson, Robey
    DS1 (33):
    DW (33): Delilah, Chloe, Callie, Marley, Teagan
    ds (10): Chandler, Paxton, Parker, Prescott, Maddox
    ds/ds (7): Brady, Noah, Holden, Tucker, Broderick/Levi, Kane, Hudson, Finn, Carson
    ds/dd (6): Vaughn, Riley, Brogan, Jackson, Mason/Amelia, Mackenzie, Kennedy, Darby, Kendall

    LN: Meyer, Ricco, Wilson, Barnes, Montoya
    DD3 (31):
    DH (31): Julian, Steven, Jordan, Cameron, Victor
    ds (6): Carlton, Elton, Easton, Emerson, Ellington
    dd (5): Sheridan, Peyton, Taylor, Mallory, Logan
    dd (3): Piper, Harper, Delaney, Carson, Harley
    dd (1): Tyler, Quinn, Ashton, Hunter, Darcy

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    LN: Brown
    DH (65): Jesse Atticus
    DW (65): Brooke Naomi (Anderson)
    DD1 (38): Diane Isabelle
    DD2 (35): Eve Caroline
    DS1 (33): Ross Henry
    DD3 (31): Ivy Grace

    LN: Fielder
    DD1 (38): Diane Isabelle (Brown)
    DH (40): Lance Cooper
    dd/ds (13): Sarah Megan/Adam Jared
    dd (12): Emily Madeleine

    LN: Baptiste
    DD2 (35): Eve Caroline (Brown)
    DH (38): Lane Nathan
    ds (9): Louis Everett
    ds (6): Emmett Maxwell
    ds/ds (3): James Edmund/Reid Preston
    ds (nb): Owen Spencer

    LN: Brown
    DS1 (33): Ross Henry
    DW (33): Callie Teagan (Ford)
    ds (10): Maddox Prescott
    ds/ds (7): Noah Brady/Finn Levi
    ds/dd (6): Brogan Jackson/Darby Kendall

    LN: Barnes
    DD3 (31): Ivy Grace (Brown)
    DH (31): Jordan Steven
    ds (6): Carlton Emerson
    dd (5): Logan Sheridan
    dd (3): Harley Delaney
    dd (1): Quinn Tyler

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    LN: Brown
    Maiden Name: Verdugo
    DH (65): Max Ryan
    DW (65): Naomi Ashlyn
    DD1 (38): Isabelle Juliet
    DD2 (35): Madelyn Camille
    DS1 (33): Nathaniel Henry
    DD3 (31): Olivia Ivy

    LN: Williams
    DD1 (38): Isabelle Juliet
    DH (40): Isaac Roy
    dd/ds (13): Charlene Alexandra & Oliver Alexander
    dd (12): Nicole Madeleine

    LN: Cunningham
    DD2 (35): Madelyn Camille
    DH (38): Luke Lane
    ds (9): Julius Louis
    ds (6): Maxwell Emmett
    ds/ds (3): Leo James & Dexter Alden
    ds (nb): Sidney Spencer

    Maiden Name: Watson
    DS1 (33): Nathaniel Henry
    DW (33): Chloe Delilah
    ds (10): Chandler Prescott
    ds/ds (7): Noah Broderick & Levi Kane
    ds/dd (6): Riley Brogan & Amelia Kendall

    LN: Wilson
    DD3 (31): Olivia Ivy
    DH (31): Victor Julian
    ds (6): Carlton Emerson
    dd (5): Mallory Logan
    dd (3): Delaney Harley
    dd (1): Darcy Quinn

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    LN: Hoffmann
    Maiden Name: Hamilton
    DH (65): Brett Atticus
    DW (65): Naomi Irene
    DD1 (38): Elise Diane
    DD2 (35): Madelyn Camille
    DS1 (33): Ross Nathaniel
    DD3 (31): Audrey Grace

    LN: Anderson
    DD1 (38): Elise Diane
    DH (40): Sean Isaac
    dd/ds (13): Megan Alexandra/Jared Oliver
    dd (12): Emily Sophia

    LN: Cunningham
    DD2 (35): Madelyn Camille
    DH (38): Luke Marco
    ds (9): Everett Louis
    ds (6): Maxwell Pierce
    ds/ds (3):Russell Leo /Preston Reid
    ds (nb): Spencer Owen

    Maiden Name: Watson
    DS1 (33): Ross Nathaniel
    DW (33): Chloe Delilah
    ds (10): Maddox Parker
    ds/ds (7): Noah Broderick/Kane Levi
    ds/dd (6): Riley Vaughn/ Kendall Darby

    LN: Ricco
    DD3 (31):Audrey Grace
    DH (31): Jordan Victor
    ds (6): Carlton Emerson
    dd (5): Peyton Mallory
    dd (3): Delaney Piper
    dd (1): Hunter Darcy
    *Britberry* Dani
    ❤ B&L❤
    Love thinking up name combos

    Fave combos:Sawyer Phoenix Castiel?~Logan Elijah Mark~ Elijah Talon Jakob~ Xavier Kye (Kai) Roscoe~Spencer Devon Mitchell / Kairi Peyton Alana~ Marnie Isabeau Grace~ Wynter Amethyst- (Mysti/Thya''Thea'') Nova Madisyn~Cailyn Schuyler ❤
    GP's: Castiel. Auron (Oren) Gunner, Orion, Roman, Zeke.

    Not trying but thinking of the future..

    "All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust." -Peter Pan.

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    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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