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    Dimitri Portwood Kutcher...Just a coincidence?

    Am I the only one who thinks that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher gave their son a name (Dimitri) that is eerily close to that of Kutcher's ex-wife? Demi MooreDemetria Moore… The names have the same root (Demeter). Coincidence? Honor name? Thoughts?
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    First of all I just adore his name! Dimitri is very handsome, though i dont if its a good match to Wyatt....

    I dont think they wanted to honor Demi Moore, since the gossips say that she isnt in good terms with them, but its too big to be a coincidence...
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    I am so surprised by their name choice. As @bellerose says, it's a lovely name but not necessarily a good match with sister Wyatt.

    I am guessing that the name Dimitri has some personal meaning to them, probably within Mila's family. I'd be surprised if they used a name so close to Ashton's ex-wife's name without it being one that was more important to them to use it, than to not because of that connection.

    Portwood is interesting... if Dimitri comes from Mila's family tree, maybe Portwood is from Ashton's. From memory, Wyatt had a family middle too. I think Isabelle was a grandmother's name.
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    I love the name choice of Dimitri and I'm thinking it holds great significance probably to Mila's Ukrainian side of the family, which is really cool. I do feel like Dimitri and Wyatt are rather mismatched stylistically, but I think that if they are names that are both unconditionally loved by the parents it's all matching in the end.

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    I would assume that Dimitri honors Mila's heritage and Portwood is from Ashton's family tree.
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