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    Prince William and Katherine are having baby

    It's been announced that Prince William and Katherine are having another baby. It will be interesting to see what the name this one. If it's a girl I personally hope to see the names Diana, Frances or Elizabeth in there.
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    I hope they have a girl this time. I would like to see a little princess Victoria or Alice.
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    I would love to see William and Catherine choose Caroline, Emily or Charlotte for a little girl.

    For a boy: James or Frederick, maybe?
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    I think Charlotte Diana Elizabeth would be lovely. Charlotte to honour his dad and her mum. And the middles are obvious.
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    I really hope it's not Elizabeth. I mean, I love the name, but it's such an overused choice for the royal family! I would love to see them use a DIFFERENT vintage name, rather than thinking, Victoria, Elizabeth etc.
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