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    Amada Lee Gosling

    I was really looking forward to hearing what Eva and Ryan named their second baby, so I'm a little disappointed to discover she's just been given her older sister's middle name as a first name. Not to mention the dated middle name Lee.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I like it! I did think it was "Amanda" at first, but honestly, it's better than most celebrity baby names. The name probably meant a lot to them to use it again, and I don't think it is much different than siblings or cousins sharing middle names, which people would find odd as well. I'll admit, I don't like Lee at all. I swear it has become the new filler middle name and I find it really bad on girls, especially with that spelling. But Amada Lee does sound pretty decent.

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    I do think they could have done a lot better with the name... Using the sister's middle as a first name is a bit odd to me. There are so many beautiful names they could have chosen. The only reason I see for it to happen is it being a honour name... Even then, I think they could have changed it a little bit. However, I think Amada has a beautiful meaning. In spanish it literally means loved.
    Amada Lee is kind of a blank combo, but as the previous person said, it is better than many other celeb babies names.

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    I think it's lovely. I can relate to using the middle name of the other child. I would use my daughters middle name in a heartbeat.

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    I agree that I was rather disappointed at the choice. Esmeralda Amada was so striking and gorgeous that simply reusing a previous middle plus the boring Lee is very lackluster and strikes me as being rather lazy. It is better than Amanda Lee which is what I originally read, that would have been really dated, especially with Esmeralda. I do remember that Amada is one of their grandmother's name (Eva I believe) which makes the copy-catting a bit better but still, I felt let down. They raised the bar so high with baby #1 so I guess I should have been expecting a disappointment.
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