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    The Royal Twins of Monaco have arrived!

    I just read that Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco welcomed twins today, a girl and a boy! Their names are Gabriella Thérèse Marie and Jacques Honoré Rainier.

    What do you guys think? I find Gabriella's name a tad plain, but it has a pretty and regal flow to it. I'm personally not a fan of Jacques, but I'm so in love with his middle names.
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    I'm not the biggest Gabriella fan (everything that has "briell" in it won't impress me) but it's rather pretty in French. I agree that the middle names are a bit boring. I actually quite like Jaques but his middle names are not my style at all.
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    I am considerably disappointed that they included neither Grace, Antoinette nor Caroline in Gabriella's name. I can understand why they opted out of using Grace (same reason why I doubt William and Catherine would include it in a daughter's name –*the comparisons to Grace would be endless already, and also, Albert's oldest daughter has Grace as her middle name), but Caroline would have been a nice tribute to Princess Caroline who has been Hereditary Princess for so long (not to mention the fact that she, like Gabriella, was displaced by her younger brother) and Antoinette is just such a beautiful name (but that's just me). Antoinette and Jacques would have been lovely together.

    I'd love to hear the reason behind Gabriella's names. Particularly Thérèse. Jacques's names are more obvious. Jacques is probably an homage to Jack Kelly, Honoré is a traditional Grimaldi name (IIRC, the last reining Monegasque monarch to bear Honoré in his name was Louis II) and Rainier is obviously for Jacques's late grandfather.
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    I really love Jacques name , although i had to check the pronoucation of Jacques online . Gabriella's name is really dissapointed me . I was really hoping of a Princess Grace . The name they choose feels boring to me , like they choose the first name they see . And agree with @ shvibziks , Jacques & Antoinette would have been spectacular together .

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    I adore Honore & Rainier! I agree that the little girl's name is plain. Her 3 names are so commonly used across cultures that it lacks the French-y, regal-y feel of the boy's names. Gabriella Therese Marie could be any little girl from anywhere USA

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