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    Eva Mendez & Ryan Gosling...


    No name weight or time of birth as yet

    Any thoughts on what they might name her??
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    I really don't know it's hard to say! I diden't even know they were expecting
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    I cant wait to hear what they choose !

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    I will be severely disappointed if they give her a Rose/Grace/Marie middle name. They're all just so worn out as middles.

    I love Rose as a first name though, but Rose Gosling have too much of an OS sound, no? I could vividly imagine them using something like Matilda, Violet or Isabella – with emphasis on Matilda because Matilda Mendes Gosling/Matilda Gosling Mendes has a nice ring to it.
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    I have a feeling they'll be one of those celebrity couples who doesn't announce the name, and we'll have to wait to see if it gets leaked in a few months or maybe even longer.

    If I had to guess, Alba comes to mind right away for some reason.

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