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    Duchess of Alba - two or three names? too mainstream!

    Cayetana de Alba, the duchess of Alba, recently died. She was 88, had a lot of nobiliary titles (49, a Guinness record), a lot of plastic surgeries... and A LOT OF names.

    María del Rosario Cayetana Paloma Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Fernanda Teresa Francisca de Paula Lourdes Antonia Josefa Fausta Rita Castor Dorotea Santa Esperanza Fitz-James Stuart, Silva, Falcó y Gurtubay.

    20 names (her last names were Fitz-James Stuart, Silva, Falcó y Gurtubay). What do you think?

    Victoria, Fernanda, Francisca, Antonia and Josefa are trendy in Chile right now.
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    I have to say, I love the names Cayetana and Alba.
    I think Victoria Eugenia (this is the name of the theatre in Donostia, I like it for that, but I do love Eugenia on its own), Lourdes, Antonia, and Fausta are all lovely.
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    I like Dorotea and Antonia.
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    I wouldn't fancy having to write all that out on my exam papers!
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