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    Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Expecting

    I know this might not be everyone's favourite family, but let's just talk about names for a bit, okay?

    So Jill Duggar got married in June to Derick Dillard, and they just announced that she is pregnant (It's August). What do you think they're going to name their little one? I was thinking Ryan Michael for a little boy, since that's Derick's middle name too, but if it's a girl I have no ideas lol

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    Well they'd have to choose a letter that's easy for naming five or more kids… So I don't know about Ryan, but maybe as a middle like Josh & Anna did with Michael and Mackynzie? I personally would go with the letter B, but I also think if they have a girl, her middle should be Amy after none other than Cousin Amy
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    Hopefully Derick and Jill will break the mold and give their kids names that start with different letters.
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    I would love to see them break out of the theme, but it not, maybe an alliterative name like Derick's.
    Daniel or Delia?
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    I really like the couple . They seem very sweet . I have a feeling though that they will continue the same letter theme . I can see them go with a - d name . Delia and Daniel are very good suggestions .

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