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    Septuplets x2! Boys + Girls

    Okay so this is something like the quintuplet games but it's septuplets and it's two sets, one for boys, one for girls. Okay?

    You must keep one name.
    You must swap FN with MN for one name.
    You must change FN for one name.
    You must change MN for one name.
    You must replace one name with another of the same initials.
    You must replace one name with another that shares the same end letters.
    You must replace one name entirely.


    Simon Joseph
    Harry Noel
    Edward Adam
    Bill Martin
    Atticus Dennis
    Matt Edmund
    Thomas Alan

    Simon Joseph (kept)
    Leo Noel (changed fn)
    Adam Edward (swapped)
    Bill Aaron (changed mn)
    Art Declan (initials)
    Emmet David (end letters)
    Peter Samuel (replaced)


    Ruth Nora
    Annie Lillian
    Vivienne Kate
    Laura Jane
    Abigail Carolyn
    Alice Belle
    Sadie Josephine

    Ruth Nora (kept)
    Clara Kate (changed fn)
    Annie Louise (changed mn)
    Rose Mary (replaced)
    Hazel Ellen (end letters)
    Audrey Beth (initials)
    Jane Laura (swapped)

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    Leo Everett (changed mn)
    Adrian Ellis (initials)
    Wesley Aaron (changed fn)
    Keegan Micah (replaced)
    Declan Art (swapped)
    Emmet David (kept)
    Miller Gabriel (end letters)

    Savannah Thea (end letters)
    Clara Kate (kept)
    Tessa Louise (changed fn)
    Rose Adelaide (changed mn)
    Cecily Merritt (replaced)
    Ada Bethany (initials)
    Laura Jane (swapped)

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    The Forest Moon of Endor
    Stanford Cole (replaced)
    Asher Ezra (initials)
    Zechariah Aaron (changed fn)
    Keegan Scott (changed mn)
    Colin Abbott (end letters)
    Emmet David (kept)
    Gabriel Miller (swapped)

    Savannah Thea (kept)
    Cleora Kelsey (initials)
    Daria Kathleen (replaced)
    Adelaide Rose (swapped)
    Cecily Ianthe (changed mn)
    Naretha Kirrily (end letters)
    Viveca Jane (changed fn)
    Dreaming of...
    Wee Wizards
    Sawyer Levi - Schroeder Malachi - Lincoln Scott - Brooks Eric - Booker Graeme - Hayes Rafferty - Mackenzie Bram - Silas Carson - Reed Benjamin - Shepherd Luke

    Witty Witches
    Arden Eliza - Cadence Raine - Greer Olivia - Blaise Imogen - Annalee Merritt - Tatum Saige - Savannah June - Blaire Vela - Hollis Elaine - Linden Camille - Cambrey Abigail - Foster Isabel - Sloan Madeleine

    Names of the Day:
    Ruby and Davis

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    Emmet David (kept)
    Asher Levi (changed mn)
    Samuel Collin (initials)
    Josiah Landon (end letters)
    Scott Keegan (swapped)
    William Abbott (changed fn)
    Benjamin Oliver (replaced)

    Adelaide Rose (kept)
    Elena Madison (end letters)
    Cleora Marie (changed mn)
    Natalie Jane (changed fn)
    Kirrily Naretha (swapped)
    Cadence Isabella (initials)
    Josephine Olivia (replaced)
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), Expecting two little bundles of joy (1/15/16)

    Current top 10 favorites:
    Wesley, Samuel, Landon, Declan, Blaise, Elias, Liam, Dominic, Benjamin, & Tobias
    Piper, Lydia, Elena, Harper, Maisie, Cadence, Lyric, Faith, Aurora, & Amelia

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    Benjamin Oliver (kept)
    Levi Asher (swapped)
    Henry Landon (changed fn)
    William Grey (changed mn)
    Elias Daniel (initials)
    Leo Nathaniel (end letters)
    Maxwell Peter (replaced)

    Josephine Olivia (Kept)
    Rose Adelaide (swapped)
    Ophelia Jane (changed fn)
    Elena Ruby (changed mn)
    Charlotte Iris (initials)
    Alice Emilia (end letters)
    Freya Beatrix (replaced)

    Caroline Phoebe Isobel Vivian Alice Pearl Katerina Amélie Rose Tess Nina Blair Margot Sasha

    Alaric Theodore Reid Henry Leo Holden Felix Graham Ezra Alexander Milo Maxwell Ronan Jasper

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