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    As long as the middle name isn't meth....

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    stripper name

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    I'm so sorry to say that it definitely sounds trashy!! For some reason I get the image of a stripper.

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    I don't like labeling things "trashy" but this is definitely not what I'd consider classy, sooooo...
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    I think it definitely depends on where you live, and what the cultural norms are for your area. Crystal and variants are considered "trailer park" names in parts of the States, and I can see how in those areas an alternate spelling of a Crystal variant could be seen as three whole layers of yikes. But Christelle is a legitimately French name. It actually has a beautiful tinkling quality about it, and I can see the appeal. I think if you're living in an area where French names are common and people will be familiar with the spelling/origin, you won't have any problems. I just wouldn't suggest using it in the Deep South.
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