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    Our yellow bump turned into a beautiful baby girl, over a week late and following a slightly crazy birth - all worth it in the end though.

    So Verity Rosaline she is!! The name has been really well received so far, she is stunning and doing really well and big brother Elias Michael is doing us proud and being very sweet with her. We feel very blessed and happy! In fact I'm an emotional wreck looking at my two beautiful and well-named little ones <3 thanks for all your input a few months back.

    Mama to the gorgeous Elias Michael, expecting a girl or boy bundle in Spring 2013

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    Verity Rosaline is gorgeous!! I seem to have missed this thread when you were still trying to find names, but I'm so glad I stumbled on it now. What an absolutely wonderful choice! Two beautiful names not commonly seen on this site, made even more lovely when put together.
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