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    Hi. Firstly I LOVE Merida. You should choose that (fingers crossed) However I am not too keen on either Verity or Vivia.
    Possible Middles for Merida:

    Merida Coraline
    Merida Josephine
    Merida Hermione (a bit like Hermia but without the hernia connection)

    Other suggestions:
    Hermione (see reason as above)
    Indigo (a bit like Inigo but for a girl) Use a girlish mn to balance it.
    Nella (Like Nell)

    I also like Ophelia and Hero as middle names for your child.

    Hope that helps!
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    I ADORE Merida ! I also think Vivia is sweet too. However I agree with some of the other comments that Merida Nell just kinda falls flat. I love whirligig's suggestion of Merida Hermione. Here are some suggestions...
    Merida Hermione
    Merida Coraline
    Merida Josephine
    Merida Hero
    Merida Romilly
    Merida Seraphine
    Merida Isis
    Merida Willow (my favourite combination of Merida)
    Merida Isabeau
    Merida Vivienne
    Merida Estelle
    Merida Bohème
    Merida Imogen
    An extremely name obsessed teenager . My all-time favourites are .....
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    Merida is pretty but it seems very trendy to me. I don't think it has the depth and dignity of Elias at all. Vivia seems like a nn for the Italian Viviana. I do think Verity is the best of your choices and would probably sound better with your "O" surname. Even though it sounds contemporary, it has a certain vintage charm that Elias has in spades. I love Meredith but not with Verity. Verity Josephine, Verity Blithe, Verity Niamh or Verity Louisa would be lovely.
    All the best,

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    Wow amazing ideas and responses, you guys are super inspiring! It's late on Christmas Eve, we have finally got everything ready fit our 2yr old tomorrow and made the cake etc and so I will sleep on the ideas and reply again soon - there are some coincidences with other names I love but didn't mention (like Elodie and Cecily) which is great, you guys seem very in tune with my tastes! Also think you are so right re Nell and Isis not helping the first names and I love the idea of an 'ine' ending to go with these choices...

    I don't feel clear at all though... It's not so cut and dried with the girl choice, finding it much harder!

    I did have another thought, if I'd come on here with no first name suggestions but you had seen the link to my boys' name taste what kind of things would you suggest up perfectly complement Elias Michael? I know some of you have part answered this with your great ideas but wondered if there are any ideas I haven't thought of that fit my pink brief of beautiful, rare, Elias-matching, elegant and classic/vintage rather than v modern.... Not asking for much huh??

    Thanks again and merry Christmas to all x

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    OK can't stop thinking even though I'm tired so here's some more thoughts re the wonderful ideas provided above - I need to talk to DH first as he is confusing me with his preferences! I'm going to stick to Merida and Verity as I feel Vivia is becoming the poor relation of the three...

    Merida Josephine
    Merida Seraphine
    (No Merida Coraline as feels very animated movie with that combo! Same issue kind of with Merida Hermione which also was vetoed by DH)
    Merida Cecily - slightly tweaked - what do people think?

    Verity Coraline
    Verity Josephine

    Ok now my eyes are closing as I type so I will finish here but thanks so much again for your expertise, you are all very talented!

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