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    Nov 2012
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Juliette Holly Belle "Julie"
    Nicholas Timothy Rudolph "Nick"
    Timothy and Juliette are just favourites, but the rest are Christmas names! I love Rudolph!! I truly wish I could use it!!! Rudolph and Timothy are the only boy names I love!
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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Merry Christmas from Canada

    I would still use my favourite name but for a mn, might use Holly, or Noellie. I might also use a Chinese mn that means something wintery. My niece' Chinese name is "snow" so I don't think I could use that!
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    As a Christmas Day babe myself (one more day to go until I'm 18), and someone who avoided a Christmassy name (my middle name is Mary, but that was for non-Christmas reasons), I wouldn't want to use anything Christmassy.

    I'd just go with my usual names, BUT I'd avoid Josephine (Joseph) and Gabriel, for obvious reasons!
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    Myriam Estelle or something like that-- not terribly overt.
    Blade, MD

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    Merry Christmas to all

    Catherine Vesper Noël "Kitty" - I came up with this by accident a few weeks ago. I love the meaning for a little Christmas girl.

    In reality, though, I'd probably just use my favourite name and avoid theme. Or maybe something a bit more subtle like Guinevere Estella Pearl?
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