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    Jan 2011
    Your name
    1 -- LAJC
    Laura Arlene Joann Cole

    Your career
    2 -- English teacher

    Your fiancé{e}'s name
    2 -- CAFC
    Christopher Alexander Frank Cole

    Your fiancé{e}'s career
    1 -- History teacher

    Your wedding
    6 -- Princess theme

    Your first pregnancy
    5 -- A girl, LCW.
    Laura Cornelia Winifred

    Your second pregnancy
    2 -- A girl, ACG.
    Anthea Coraline Grace

    Your third pregnancy
    2 -- A boy, JCH.
    Jasper Cullen Henry

    Your fourth pregnancy
    4 -- A boy, CRR.
    Caleb Roman Rhys
    Mom to Isaiah Gabriel (4/26/06), Zachariah Xavier (2/4/10), Obadiah Malachi (2/9/11, angel), Theodore Ronan (8/24/12, angel)

    DH Top Choices:
    Boys: Abner Moses, Elijah Sebastien, Silas Finnian, Tobias Owen
    Girls: Seraphina Rose, Abigail Rose, Aurelia Seraphina

    My Top Choices:
    Boys: Asa Malachi, Josiah Finnian, Tobiah Quentin
    Girls: Beatrice Agatha, Edith Francesca, Rosalie Seraphina

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    Dec 2012
    DW: Odina Faye Beatrice Taylor (waitress)
    DH: Ivan Keith Samuel Kost (history teacher)

    Our wedding: pastel/vintage themed.

    DS: Noel Alexander Thomas Kost
    DS: Damien Andrew Sebastian Kost
    DD: Leah Kathryn Faline Kost
    DD/DD: Natalia Krysanthe Yvonne Kost & Marion Theresa Demetria Kost

    Odina & Ivan
    Noel, Damien, Leah, Natalia, and Marion

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    Sep 2012
    Your name: Lyra Agnes Joanne Carter
    Your career: makeup artist

    Your fiancé's name: Leonardo Nolan Abraham Slater
    Your fiancé's career: veterinarian

    Your wedding: pastel/vintage theme

    Your first pregnancy: Maura Ellen Phoenix Slater
    Your second pregnancy: Antonia Cait Gwyneth Slater
    Your third pregnancy: Simon Leighton Pierce Slater & Diane Saskia Faith Slater
    Your fourth pregnancy: Harlow Andra Nell Slater, Tania Heather Aja Slater, & Bonnie Odette Aliyah Slater

    Lyra and Leonardo
    Maura, Antonia, Simon, Diane, Harlow, Tania & Bonnie
    ~ Sadiya Hope & Wendy Monroe ~ 10/18/08 ~
    ~Phillipa Ellen Gray~ 2/14/13 ~
    | Louise | Helena | Carmen | Eileen | Rose | Vesper | Bridget | Lourdes | Jane | Katia |
    | Phoenix | Peter | August | Felix | Bennett | Dimitri | Xavier | Mack | Ty | Walter |

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    May 2011
    DW: Valencia Tate Serenity Blackwall-Loehmann
    -----> Career: Ultrasound Technician
    DH: Karter John Daniel Loehmann
    -----> Career: Receptionist
    ~~~ Married with a 1950's Theme ~~~

    DD: Lilaea Cecily Wilhelmina Loehmann
    DD: Ariadne Clara Guinevere Loehmann - 'Ari'
    DD: Calliope Isla Theodora Loehmann - 'Kaia'
    DD/DD/DD: Harlow Arabella Niamh Loehmann / Tallulah Haven Aria Loehmann / Brooklyn Olivia Annabelle Loehmann
    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Girls: ~ Alba Johanna Leigh (used) ~ Avia Mathilda Claire
    Boys: ~ Kilian Justus Lucan ~ Oliver Zane Josiah

    My favorite names!

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    Jun 2010
    DW: Alice Georgiana Holly Fanning
    Ultrasound technician

    DH: Louis Nathan Albert Strohl

    We have a monochrome theme wedding.

    DS: Penn Louis Barnaby Strohl

    DD: Mabel Evelyn Patience Strohl

    DS: Channing Isaac Thomas Strohl

    DD/DD/DD: Helen Avery Nicole, Tallulah Haley Ann & Betsy Ophelia Alice

    Lou & Ali with:
    Penn, Mae, Channing, Helen, Tally, and Betsy.
    unexpectedly expecting #1
    october 2015

    August Luther Roscoe Whitney Roland
    Florence Beatrix Vivian Helena Twila

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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