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Thread: Crusoe

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    What do you think about the name Crusoe? What about with a last name that also ends in 'o'? Any and all opinions are appreciated! Thanks!

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    I think it sounds very adventurous, (a la Robinson Crusoe!). While I liked Daniel Defoe's novel, I also found it sort of boring so it wouldn't be my choice for a literary namesake, but it is nice. If your surname ends in an "O", I would probably try and avoid it, though--something like Crusoe Donatello might work, but Crusoe Hugo definitely does not work, kwim?

    Good luck!
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    The mind goes directly to Robinson, but I think it still works, especially since there was a TV show just called "Crusoe". It might sound a bit rhymey with a last name that ends in o though.

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    I think it'd just end up sounding like a double barrelled surname unfortunately.

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