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    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    Catalina. It's wayyy too long to really fit in with my kids' names. We like the nicknames Lina and Alina, but as a sister to Elise, Alina and Lina are too close, I think.

    Also, it's a type of salad dressing!
    Mom to James Daniel (10) William Joseph (9), Elise Marie (8), and Zachary Allan (1)

    #5, coming in mid-Sept 2015!
    Clara, Rose, Adele, Anne, Cecilia, Serena (Seri), Audrey, Claire, Maisie, Kate, Rebecca, Linnea (Lindy), Gloria
    Thomas, Paul, Henry, Miles, Arthur, Samuel, Seth

    Combos of the day: Rose Audrey, Clara Eve, Cecilia Jane, & Paul Thomas

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    Anastasia and Amelie have definitley made an impression, I would us these in an instant heartbeat! (:
    Annaliese Rosalie ; Eden Iris ; Isobel Claire
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    My lastest "crush" is Elbereth - thanks Ottilie for your lists!

    I am also crushing on the combo Rosalie Victoria Claire, it's been on my list for a while now, but it's still making me smile. What's weird is that it's very straight laced in comparison to a lot of my favorites that tend towards a little more unusual or whimsical.

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