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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Nono, I really like:



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    Caieta - She was Aeneas' wet-nurse in Roman mythology. According to the Wikipedia page for the city of Gaeta, it might mean cave: "It is the ancient Caieta, situated on the slopes of the Torre di Orlando, a promontory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Gaeta was an ancient Ionian colony of the Samians according to Strabo, who believed the name stemmed from the Greek kaiétas, which means "cave", probably referring to the several harbours. According to Virgil's Aeneid (vii.1–9), Caieta was Aeneas’ (another legend says Ascanius') wet-nurse, whom he buried here."
    Auxesia - "Increaser." A Greek goddess of plant growth.
    Sanziana - According to Wikipedia, "Sânziană is the Romanian name for gentle fairies who play an important part in local folklore, also used to designate the Galium verum or Cruciata laevipes flowers. Under the plural form Sânziene, the word designates an annual festival in the fairies' honor. Etymologically, the name stands for sân (common abbreviation of sfânt - "saint", "holy") and zână (a word used for fairies in general). Another likely etymology is that the word comes from the Latin Sancta Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt and moon, also celebrated in Roman Dacia (ancient Romania). Diana was known to be the virgin goddess and looked after virgins and women. She was one of the three maiden goddesses, Diana, Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry. [...] In the form Sânziana ("the sânziană"), the word has also come to be used as a female name. It is notably used as such in Vasile Alecsandri's comedy Sânziana şi Pepelea (later an opera by George Stephănescu)."
    Rumina - She was a Roman goddess who protected nursing mothers and infants. The best I can find for the meaning of her name is that her temple was near an important fig tree called the Ficus Ruminalis, and according to the tree's Wikipedia page, "The name Ruminalis was connected by some Romans to rumis or ruma, "teat, breast," but modern linguists think it is more likely related to the names Roma and Romulus, which may be based on rumon, perhaps a word for "river" or an archaic name for the Tiber." I'm guessing Rumina has a similar etymology.

    Llevellys - He's a character in the Mabinogion. The best I can find is that his name might be related to Lleu or Lugus, which probably meant "light" or "brightness."
    Pellinore - He was an ancient Welsh king, but I'm not sure what his name means.

    Hope that helped!

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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Ah thanks! I don't know many of the Roman gods and goddess names (other than the main ones) which is why those names are so new to me.

    Auxesia -- I went and looked through my books wondering why I'd never seen this as a plant growth goddess as it should have been in the same section as Persephone, and my texts say Auxo is the goddess of plant growth and Auxesia is a local fertility goddess. Either way, love the sound.

    My favorites are Sanziana (love the Romanian fairies!) and Pellinore! Thanks ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Achlys (Greek; mist of death)
    Aegle (Greek; light, radiance, glory)
    Arethusa (Greek; the waterer)
    Aurai/Aurae (Greek; winged nymphs of the breezes)
    Echidna (Greek; she-viper ;was mother of monsters)
    Gorgophone (Greek; grim slayer)
    Hyades (Greek: nymphs that bring rain)
    Illyria (place name)
    Nephele (Greek; cloud)
    Nymphadora (Harry Potter; gift of nymphs)
    Scylla (Greek; she who rends, puppy)

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    ~ Girls ~
    - Salome
    - Sidonie
    - Leda
    - Nita
    - Leontine
    - Manon
    - Lera
    - Maris
    - Maida

    ~ Boys ~
    - Raoul
    - Leander
    - Davin
    - Severin
    - Theophilus
    - Beauregard
    - Delmar
    - Amon
    - Orrin

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