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    I agree- Willa and Gwen are better than Wilhelmina and Gwendolyn. Willa Gwen does flow together, and kind of becomes a single name. But it's quite pleasing to my ears. AND if you want, you could call her Billie once in a while! I love that.

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    I like it fine. I think it sounds a bit breathy when you say it aloud, but who's going to be saying her whole name all the time? It's a middle name and first name, so it's fine. I think it's lovely and it has great meaning to you. Use it! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think it sounds great. Not everyone is going to like the name you pick, but that's a good thing because we don't want to live in a world with everyone having similar names. I think that if you love it and it has great meaning to you, then don't be afraid of what others think.
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    I guess I'm the only one that disagrees, but I don't like it that much at all. It sounds like Wilagwin to me when said outloud.
    Nothing against either name, but together I just think it becomes one word.

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    I think it's lovely.
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