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Thread: Faves CAF

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    Jul 2012
    DH: Christopher Robert Evans
    DW: Bailey Isabelle Evans (nee O’Hara)

    Birth 1: Maggie Miranda Faith Evans
    6. DD

    Birth 2: Mia Georgia Violet Evans
    1. DD

    Birth 3: Ruby Eleanor Claire Evans
    4. DD

    Birth 4: Addison Rachel Lark, Harper Ariel Wren and Blair Leonie Robin Evans
    5. DD/DD/DD

    Birth 5: Gwen Annabel Ivy and Rose Matilda June Evans
    1. DD/DD

    Birth 6: Aisling Rowan Lane and Caitlin Alexis Reese Evans
    6. DD/DD

    Birth 7: Paige Isabella Grace Evans
    1. DD

    Team All-Girls!

    Bailey and Chris have 11 beautiful daughters: Maggie, Mia, Ruby, Addison, Harper, Blair, Gwen, Rose, Aisling, Caitlin and Paige!

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    Dec 2012
    DH: Channing Matthew Tatum
    DW: Aurora Devon Tatum

    Birth 1: DD - Iris Faith
    Birth 2: DD/DS - Serena Lark and Orlando Jude
    Birth 3: DS - Reeve Anderson
    Birth 4: DS/DD - Landon Fox and Paige Leonie
    Birth 5: DS/DD - Marcus Sebastian and Elena Pearl
    Birth 6: DD - Caitlin Alexis
    Birth 7: DD/DS - Piper Grace and Archer Edmund

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    DH: James Martin Lafferty
    DW: Aurora Riley Lafferty

    DS: Dylan Webb Lafferty
    DS/DS/DS: Thorpe Rowan Lafferty/Thurman Jude Lafferty/Tyson Donovan Lafferty
    DD/DD/DS: Blair Emerson Lafferty/Reese Schuyler Lafferty/Chase Josiah Lafferty
    DD: Harper Paloma Lafferty
    DD/DD: Raina June Lafferty/Rose Ione Lafferty
    DS/DS: Patrick Corin Lafferty/Sean Jalen Lafferty
    DD: Carbry Arabella Lafferty

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Jun 2013

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    Jul 2013
    DH: James Martin Lafferty
    DW: Allison Riley *Miller* Lafferty "Allie"

    DD: Caroline Paisley Lafferty
    DD/DS: Reese Violet Lafferty/Tyson Booker Lafferty
    DD: Ava Emerson Lafferty
    DD/DD/DD: Addison Rachel Lafferty/Mckenna Destry Lafferty/Taylor Madigan Lafferty
    DS/DD: Brady Sebastian Lafferty/Elena Scarlett Lafferty
    DS: Ryan Parker Lafferty
    DS/DD: Slater George Lafferty/Sailor Grace Lafferty

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