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Thread: Made a namelist

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    Made a namelist

    Click here and vote please!

    Which ones are your favorites? Least favorite?

    Some names I struggled to find a good middle name for: Christabel, Samson, Kirsten, Melisande. Any Suggestions?

    Thank you!
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    Ooh, I really like Robin Josephine. Geraldine is so different that I like it. I know a Geraldine in real life, but she is older and I would love to see it on a child. Belinda is also cool, but I would not call her Belle, which, to me, is a different name entirely (and far too popular for my taste). Love Harlan and Matthias from your boys list. My least favorite is Catherine, which I find bland compared to your more adventurous choices.

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    My favorites from your list are:
    Girls: Barbara Kate, Elisabeth Irene, and Catherine Frances.
    David Alexander

    Of the names that you struggled to find a good mn for I really like Christabel
    How about Christabel Kate, Christabel Anne, or Christabel Elisabeth?

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    Rosalind Beatrice and David Alexander are my two favourites
    Zelia • XXI • History student • Film and royalty enthusiast
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    My picks from your list are Mary Raphaela and Sebastian Arthur. (But I think I'd call Sebastian "Baz" or something other than "Seb".)

    Christabel Ivy
    Kirsten Annabel
    Melisande Charlotte
    Samson Alexei

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