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    Dec 2012
    1st Generation

    DH: Clarence Sanderson
    DW: Louise Elizabeth Sanderson
    - DS1: Anthony Sanderson "Tony"
    - DD1: Irene Beatrice Sanderson
    - DD2: Alice May Sanderson
    - DS2: John Thomas Sanderson


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Anthony Sanderson "Tony"
    DW: Margaret Sanderson "Margie"
    - DGS1: Theodore Sanderson "Theo"

    DD1: Irene Beatrice Sanderson-Winters
    DH: Samuel Winters "Sam"
    - DGD1: Anna Maria Winters

    DD2: Alice May Sanderson-Green
    DH: Victor Green "Vic"
    - DGD2: Theresa Green "Teri"

    DS2: John Thomas Sanderson
    DW1: Simone Sanderson
    - DGS2: Tyne Sanderson
    - DGD3: Dorothy Claire Sanderson "Dottie"
    DW2: Katherine Sanderson "Kate"
    - DGD4: Joanne Sanderson "Jo"


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Theodore Sanderson "Theo"
    DW: Tamar Sanderson
    - DGGS1: Angeline Sanderson "Angie"

    DGD1: Anna Maria Winters-Hoffer
    DH1: Kevin Lewis Hoffer
    - DGGD1: Zara Eveline Hoffer
    DH2: Timothy Gerard Trinidad "Tim"
    - DGGD2: Isabelle Eve Trinidad

    DGD2: Theresa Green
    - DGGD3: Lauren Green

    DGS2: Tyne Sanderson
    DW: Lorraine Sanderson "Lori"
    - DGGD4: Shayla Elise Sanderson
    - DGGD5: Adrianne Lucille Sanderson

    DGD3: Dorothy Claire Sanderson-Anaya "Dottie"
    DH: Rafael Anaya

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    Sep 2011
    1st Generation

    DH: Caspar
    DW: Lydia Emeline
    - DS1: Aldo
    - DD1: Isla Bridget
    - DD2: Alyssa Maeve "Maeve"
    - DS2: Jonah Tyler


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Aldo
    DW: Marissa
    - DGS1: Thaddeus *Teddy*

    DD1: Isla Bridget
    DH: Silas
    - DGD1: Anne Mercedes "Sadie"

    DD2: Alyssa Maeve "Maeve"
    DH: Valentin
    - DGD2: Tessa

    DS2: Jonah Thomas
    DW1: Susannah
    - DGS2: Thomas
    - DGD3: Deanna Claire
    DW2: Kendra
    - DGD4: Junia


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Thaddeus *Teddy*
    DW: Tobi
    - DGGS1: Amadeo

    DGD1: Anne Mercedes "Sadie"
    DH1: Kellan Lucas
    - DGGD1: Zoe Eden
    DH2: Tucker George
    - DGGD2: Isadora Eden

    DGD2: Tessa
    - DGGD3: Luna

    DGS2: Thomas
    DW: Luciana
    - DGGD4: Simone Elise *Simi*
    - DGGD5: Arabella Lucille

    DGD3: Deanna Claire
    DH: Rhys
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    1st Generation

    DH: Charles
    DW: Laura Emily
    - DS1: Anthony
    - DD1: Irma Beatrice
    - DD2: Anna Marie "Marie"
    - DS2: Joseph Thomas


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Anthony
    DW: Martha
    - DGS1: Theodore

    DD1: Irma Beatrice
    DH: Samuel
    - DGD1: Alice Mabry "Shorty"

    DD2: Anna Marie "Marie"
    DH: Victor
    - DGD2: Tabitha

    DS2: Joseph Thomas
    DW1: Sarah
    - DGS2: Timothy
    - DGD3: Dorothy Cara
    DW2: Kimberly
    - DGD4: Jennifer


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Theodore
    DW: Tessa
    - DGGS1: Arthur

    DGD1: Alice Mabry "Shorty"
    DH1: Kelvin Lee
    - DGGD1: Zelia Elizabeth
    DH2: Trevor Gregory
    - DGGD2: Imogen Elise

    DGD2: Tabitha
    - DGGD3: Lindsey

    DGS2: Timothy
    DW: Leah
    - DGGD4: Samantha Elaine
    - DGGD5: Amanda Leanne

    DGD3: Dorothy Cara
    DH: Roger

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    Jan 2012
    1st Generation

    DH: Cole
    DW: Lucy Elaine
    - DS1: Alec
    - DD1: Isabelle Blythe "Belle"
    - DD2: Adelynn Margo "Margo"
    - DS2: James Theodore


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Alec
    DW: Mattie
    - DGS1: Tyler

    DD1: Belle
    DH: Sean
    - DGD1: Alexandria Madeleine "Sissy"

    DD2: Margo
    DH: Vinny
    - DGD2: Taryn

    DS2: John
    DW1: Sarah
    - DGS2: Tanner
    - DGD3: Delilah Caroline
    DW2: Krysta
    - DGD4: Jamie


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Tyler
    DW: Taya
    - DGGS1: Aiden

    DGD1: Sissy
    DH1: Kendrick Lucas "Kenny"
    - DGGD1: Zyra Elysia
    DH2: Travis Gabriel
    - DGGD2: Isabeau Evie "Beau"

    DGD2: Taryn
    - DGGD3: Lux

    DGS2: Tanner
    DW: Lindsey
    - DGGD4: Sawyer Emily
    - DGGD5: August Lilly

    DGD3: Delilah
    DH: Ryan

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    1st Generation
    DH: Chet Reymond
    DW: Lucia Elspeth
    - DS1: August Tobiah
    - DD1: Ione Brea
    - DD2: Adria Millie "Millie"
    - DS2: Jasper Theodore


    2nd Generation

    DS1: August Tobiah
    DW: Maisie Clement
    - DGS1: Tennison Caspar

    DD1: Ione Brea
    DH: Stellan Park
    - DGD1: Arnabelle Madeleine "Suzie Q"

    DD2: Adria Millie "Millie"
    DH: Vander Samuel
    - DGD2: Tansy Kaya

    DS2: Jasper Theodore
    DW1: Scarlette Elizabeth
    - DGS2: Tavee Sayer
    - DGD3: Dihana Carris
    DW2: Karlia Janie
    - DGD4: Jesakeira Fleur


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Tennison Caspar
    DW: Tasmyn Alana
    - DGGS1: Alixandr Chet

    DGD1: Arnabelle Madeleine "Suzie Q"
    DH1: Kristof Lincoln
    - DGGD1: Zophia Edie
    DH2: Tyler Gage
    - DGGD2: Isobella Ellory

    DGD2: Tansy Kaya
    - DGGD3: Lucienne Elena

    DGS2: Tavee Sayer
    DW: Louise Alexandra
    - DGGD4: Sacha Enid
    - DGGD5: Amber Lucia

    DGD3: Dihana Carris
    DH: Ren Alexender

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