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    I've missed you!

    Hello again!

    So the other half and I had a talk and agreed we would like to officially start to TTC number three..... and so here I am! I'm both extremely nervous and excited about starting the whole process again (pregnancy, newborn, and most of all NAMES!)

    I have a pretty extensive list in my head already, but before I write it all down I would love to see what names you can suggest based on my boys' names: Maximilian Charles (who has a mountain of nicknames, most commonly called Max or Maxxie) and Felix James (yet to be blessed with a nickname that's stuck!)

    So what do you think?....
    Max, Felix and .......
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    Not sure if the "x" theme was intentional, but some other names that could continue that trend...

    Beatrix (nn Trixie)

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    For a boy: Maximilian Charles nn'sMax, Maxxie, Felix James and Augustus/August Edward nn's Auggie, Gus (I really LOVE Auggie, much more than Gus!)
    For a girl: Maximilian Charles nn Max/Maxxie, Felix James and Aurelia Margaret

    If you want to continue the 'x' theme:
    For a boy: Maximilian Charles nn Max/Maxxie, Felix James and Hendrix or Paxton nn Pax
    For a girl: Maximilian Charles nn Max/Maxxie, Felix James and Bellatrix nn Bella/Trix/Trixie/Ella

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    For a boy, Alexander. It fits the x-theme (if that was your intention) very well without being tacky.

    For a girl, Beatrix or Margaux. In a slight preference of Beatrix because it'll sound more in style with Maximillian and Felix. Alexandra could work too and very much (maybe even more than Beatrix) be in style with the boys' names.
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