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    Do you think it's better... be a younger parent with an older child or older parent with a younger child?
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    Hmm, not really sure one is better, unless I am not understanding your question. My good friend and I are in our 30s. She had a baby at 19 and I am in the planning stages. So I guess she would be the young parent and I would be the "old." One is not better; we are just on different paths.

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    Well, I had a baby at 24, so that's kind of in the middle. I am 31 and I have a seven year old, five year old, and a 26-month old, and I am 36 weeks with #4, so I guess I'm kind of young to have a lot of kids..but I don't think I fall into a distinct young/old category. I think either way is good, but I would rather have a child at a younger age because then you could a. be more active with them and b. have more kids. I can't imagine having my three (plus one) kids at 40...

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    @e_monroe- Congrats on your newest little one! I would LOVE to have three kids by now, but just didn't meet the right person until a few years ago. It's funny, I almost typed "I can't imagine having a baby with the men I used to date in my early 20s." Wherever we are in life, with some things we just can't imagine it another way.

    And I do want more than one, so I have to get crackin' here

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    I had my oldest at 23. Was in quite the interesting demographic as a newly married, just graduated college woman! I am pregnant now with our last at 33 (will be 34 when he arrives) and I see the benefits of both. Physically, if I just had Seb (or even my older 2-3) I am a healthy woman who can be very active etc. So there are the benefits. Same in that I had no trouble getting pregnant (was actually on the bcp when I gotpregnant with my oldest) and other than mild HG no other issues that can occur do to age. On the other hand, financially we struggled for several years as I stayed at home and had student loans from my degree to pay back and only DH worked. My husband also did grad school while our family was young and growing (thus majority of child care fell on me) and it wasnt until last year until he was hired on in a position making a wonderful salery with room for advancement and growth. (He also just started a MBA program but oh well, lol). So, there are parts of me that do wish we would have been married several years and been more financially established (and either further schooling on my part or, nearly done or done on DH's part)and still managed to have the beautiful family we do just maybe 10 years later. Of course hindsight is always 20/20, and even if there were hard times I cherish them and where we are now even if it was harder to get here isf that makes sense. So all this to say, I am unsure if one is "better" than the other. I have friends who began their familues just a year or so ago (at early to mid 30's) and they enjoy that they finished school, got careers started etc before beginning their family life. So its different for each person I guess.
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