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    Been TTC since March and starting feel down

    Hello Ladies,
    I was just hoping for some advice. My Husband and I have been TTC since March (2012) with no luck. I know it hasn`t been a year yet but I cant help but feel upset and emotional about it. Every month is an emotional roller coaster right around the time I would be testing. I know stress is one of the number one reasons people who are trying dont concieve. But honestly my stress levels are not that high. I would just say I get more upset when I start my period then I used to. I really dont think it could be stress. When is a good time to start taking not getting pregnant seriously. How long does it take the average couple? Am I over reacting? I wanna be a mother so bad and this is just very frustrating, two out of three of my sisters have children and I am very happy for them. But I am still waiting for my special month. =(
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    It took us 6 months of trying before we got pregnant, and the only way we managed it was to have sex every single day for a week and a half around my most fertile time. I was tired, but I ended up pregnant. I think the normal time you're suppose to wait before going to the doctor is something like a year.

    I used this site to help me with my fertile days and they were very spot on. It's from the American Pregnancy Association:
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    I found an article that gave these stats for how long it takes most couples to conceive:
    25% in the first month
    60% in six months
    75% in nine months
    80% in twelve months
    90% in eighteen months
    This sounds pretty close to what I've read elsewhere as well. So you're at about 9 months and 1 in 4 couples would still have not gotten pregnant by now.

    How old are you? If you're over 35, it's recommended to get checked after less time trying, as you're likely to have decreased fertility and probably also because you have less time to waste.

    Also, how are you determining your fertile days? There can be a lot of variation from woman to woman as to when she ovulates. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but my mom took her temperature to figure out when to *ahem* "concentrate their efforts".

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    Im 26 years old. And I have been learning about pinning down my ovulation. Im very very reg as far as my cycle goes and so I assume I ovulate the same time every month. But I guess the statistics say I have nothing to worry about yet.... ugggg so frustrating... but thanks for the tips
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    You may very well be ovulating like clockwork. If there is an issue, it could be your husband's. I think they usually check out the man first, things like sperm count and motility.

    I'd give it a couple more months--to the 1 year mark. Then talk to your doctor. Hopefully if you're not pregnant by March and have to get checked out, it will be an easy fix.

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