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    Give me a theme!

    I'll start off by giving the first person a theme for their names, like 'flower' names, and they have to name 8 kids (genders you decide) using that theme that the above poster gave them. You can use the same themes more than once!

    Theme for first poster : Nautical names!
    Astrid Lorelei • India Delphine • Margo Ivy • Winifred Snow

    Ezra Grey • August Peregrine • Forrest Augustine • Quinten Everest

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    Adelaide, Anais, Aspen, Avalon, Avery, Bethany, Blair, Briony, Circe, Cressida, Desiree, Echo, Eden, Esperanza, Freya, Giselle, Indigo, Juno, Kismet, Lorelei, Nyx, Persephone, Regan, Rhiannon, Sadie, Valeria
    Alistair, Ezra, Felix, Francisco, Horatio, Joaquin, Lucas, Nathaniel, Orlando, Sebastian, Vincent, Wolfgang
    Ambrose, Austen, Fallon, Fleur, Halcyon, Jade, Jasper, Jett, Lyric, Milo, Monroe, Peregrine, Phoenix, Reno, Rio, Salem, Sawyer, Sterling, Tristan, Zephyr

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    Cosette Fantine (Les Mis)
    Carlotta Meg (Phantom of the Opera)
    Dorothy Gale (quite obvious, The Wizard of Oz)
    Elphaba Nessarose (Wicked)
    Tobias Todd (Sweeney Todd)
    Demeter Alonzo (Cats)
    Harold Marcellus (The Music Man)
    Noah Oliver (Oliver)

    Horror Movies

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