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Thread: 4 Kids // QUIZ!

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    4 Kids // QUIZ!

    CHILD 1
    Daughter or Son? If you prefer chocolate or strawberry, it’s a girl. Vanilla or another flavor? You have a boy!

    His or her First name depends on the color you are wearing:

    Blue or Green: Eisley/Edison/Ewan or Esme/Emery/Emmeline
    Purple or Grey: Haden/Huxley/Hawke or Heidi/Harper/Hadley
    Red or Pink: Judd/Jude/Justin or Jansie/Josey/Jesslyn
    White or Yellow: Kennan/Keaton/Kessler or Kelcyn/Kendi/Kinsey
    Brown or Black: Burke/Brogan/Beckett or Brynne/Brielyn/Bella
    Something Else: Corbin/Callum/Camden or Casey/Cambria/Cassia

    His or her middle name depends on your age:
    Under 16: 1 syllable
    16-25: 2 syllables
    26-35: 3 syllables
    36-45: 2 syllables
    46+: 1 syllable
    CHILD 2

    Daughter or son? If you prefer Dogs or fish its a boy, if you prefer cats or other pets, its a little lady!

    His or her first name depends on your footwear

    Boots or sneakers: Reid/Ryan/River or Remy/Rosalyn/Rue
    Sandals or heels: Silas/Saywer/Sullivan or Sofie/Simone/Sienna
    Flats or something else: Tanner/Tyson/Trevin or Taya/Tamra/Timber
    Barefoot: Adler/Austen/Abel or Arabella/Avianna/Alexa

    His or her middle name depends on your favorite fruit:
    Citrus fruits: Nature name
    Berries or cherries: Place name
    Apples or Grapes: Unisex name
    Bananas: Color name
    Other/None: Vintage name
    CHILD 3
    Boy or girl? Who knows! It depends on your eyes! If you wear contacts or glasses its a girl, if not you have a boy!

    His/her first name depends on your height:
    Under 5 feet: Deacon/Dunn/Dallas or Dempsey/Dahlia/Darci
    5’1 to 5’6: Finley/Flynn/Fritz or Freya/Faith/Faylinn
    5’7 to 6’0: Greyson/Gabriel/Garrison or Gracelin/Gabrielle/Galee
    Over 6 feet: Isley/Isaac/Ian or Ivy/Isobel/Imogen

    His or her middle name depends on your siblings
    Only child: Begins with A-H
    1-3 siblings: Begins with I-Q
    3+ siblings: Begins with R-Z

    CHILD 4
    Boy or girl? Your littlest one is a boy if you have blonde or brown hair, and a girl if you have any other color!

    His or her first name depends on your birth month!
    Jan Feb Mar: Lowell/Landen/Leland or Lacy/Leighton/Lucie
    Apr May Jun: Maxen/Murphy/Monroe or Mirabel/Miranda/Marilee
    July Aug Sep: Noah/Nathaniel/Nolan or Noelle/Natalia/Norah
    Oct Nov Dec: Parson/Parker/Palmer or Paxton/Paisley/Prestley

    His or her middle name depends on your favorite time of day:
    Morning: 3-4 letters
    Midday: 5-6 letters
    Evening: 7-8 letters
    Overnight: 9+ letters

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    Phineas Reid ○ Rafferty Fox ○ Deacon Murray ○ Harvey Penn ○ Barnaby Roux ○ Percival Jack ○ Gideon Ace ○ Judah Montgomery

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    23 year old name lover

    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty:
    Alice, Camilla, Daisy, Elowen, Ingrid, Lorna, Nina, Opal, Romilly & Simona
    Dexter, Henry, George, Joseph, Magnus, Phillip, Ronan, Vincent, Walter & Wilfred

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    Daughter- Casey Marie
    Son- Adler Finley
    Girl-Faylinn Zoelle
    Boy-Parker Brennen
    εїз Danielle
    B.A.R '08
    L.F.A '10

    Dazzling Dappers ✂┅┅Phoenix Jaxon Xavier Alan /Alaric┅┅┅
    Delightful Divas ✂┅┅Kairi Peyton Lilith Alana ┅┅┅┅

    Other names we like - Xander┆Xzavier┆Chase┆Niklaus┆Elijah ┆ Caius┆Phoenix┆Seth┆ Alaric┆Rory┆Casey┆Jesse
    Chyler┆Gracelynn┆Nairobi┆ Piper┆Paige┆ Madicyne┆ Ellisse

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