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    Eleanor and Lily - too close for sisters?

    Hi, I'm not pregnant but thinking of names for future children. Do you think Eleanor and Lily are too close for sisters? Especially with Ellie or Nellie as a nickname for Eleanor. Thanks

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    Ellie and Lily are definitely too close, but Lily and Eleanor are fine. My oldest daughter is named Lily, and one of her younger sisters has the name Charlotte Eleanor. Now, granted, we don't call Charlotte by her middle name. I would only use it if you are sure you would use the full Eleanor.

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    Both are stunning names! I think it's OK. But yeah, Ellie and Lily are pretty close. Nora and Lily is fab.

    Would you consider Lillian or Lilith? Eleanor is quite strong and elegant without being overly girly and then Lily is short, sweet and very, very girly.
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    I've considered Lillian but I love Lily more. Lily is my absolute favorite girls name and I want to find one or two girls names that would work well as sisters. I love alot of names but some seem too close or don't work with Lily. For example, Amelia or Ottilie. Apparently I like the 'illie' sound, Millie, Tillie, Lily. Also I love Flower names like Ivy, Violet, and Rose but I don't think I could use more than one. Some names I like that I think work with Lily are Claire, Alice, Isobel, Charlotte, and Emma. I'd love any thoughts on these or suggestions of new names. edit.. I also love the thought of Edith, Agnes, Sybil, Dorothy, and Beatrix as sisters but Lily doesn't really fit in with these either. What do you think of that sibset?
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    Anyone have any thoughts on my list or suggestions on what goes best with Lily? Thanks

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